Men In Black 3, Nicole Scherzinger

Columbia Pictures

We're guessing Men in Black 3 execs are wishing they could go "Back in Time" on this one.

Unlike the many lawsuits that follow a theatrical release (whether it be about plagiarism or injuries), the latest legal woe concerns the MIB costume department and a movie extra who is suing over a wardrobe malfunction.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Danika Gerner filed the lawsuit last week in New York Supreme Court against Columbia Pictures, Amblin Entertainment and many of the individuals who worked in the costume department for the film.

It's reported that Gerner's complaint alleges that she given a costume which was in "defective and dangerous condition" and that the movie execs were "negligent in failing to take suitable precautions" for her safety, which resulted in the New York extra suffering "serious bodily injuries" while filming in May of last year.

Unfortunately, the complaint doesn't specify what exactly happened or what type of injures Gerner faced, but she does claim that she is currently still dealing with the aftermath of the malfunction and that it is affecting her regular job.

Reps from the film were not immediately available for comment.

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