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So True So False, STSF

Are we ever going to see John Travolta and company in Gotti: Three Generations or what?

It's been over a year since the project was first announced and we started to hear who was going to be involved in the film, but now reports are saying that this flick has been shut down due to bad publicity (and we're not just talking about Travolta's recent inappropriate allegations).

So what's the deal? Did the onscreen mob family get whacked before they even started filming?

Hold on to those bats, people, because this story is...

So false!

Film executive producer Marc Fiore says this story is ridiculous, "I don't know why someone would say something so silly. I would not walk away from my movie because of bad PR."

"We are moving full steam ahead and John Travolta is still playing Gotti," Fiore tells E! News. "John has been around quite a while…bad PR means good box office. I'm not too worried about it to be quite honest about it."

He also adds that shooting is scheduled to start in November.

In other Travolta news, E! News confirms that Gloria Allred has officially filed a motion to have the lawsuit filed against her by Okorie Okorocha, the attorney representing one of the men accusing John Travolta of sexual assault, dismissed. Okorocha claimed Allred stole one of his clients.

Let's just say that if Fiore is right about the correlation between bad publicity and the box office, then Gotti is going to break records.

—Reporting by Claudia Rosenbaum & Baker Machado

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