Kristen Stewart

Sara De Boer/

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If there's one thing Kristen Stewart can definitely do it's show off her amazing legs while looking somehow depressed and confused.

It's become a trademark for the Twilight babe and she was in fine form this week as she debuted Snow White and the Huntsman in SoCal.

The look wouldn't be authentic K.Stew without a little menswear flair, either. So, was this another collaboration with fave fashion house Balenciaga?


Not that we're complaining. If you're going to wear a black blazer and studded mini paired with black platform pumps and a white, high-collared schoolmarm shirt, you may as well make it head-to-toe Stella McCartney. And that's exactly what Stewart did.

In case you're wondering, those pumps are faux-crocodile, not the real thing—a real dead reptile might make our big-screen Bella burst into tears right there on the carpet. And doesn't she already look sad enough?

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