Adam Levine Explains His Promiscuous Side: He "Just Really Loves Women!"

The Voice's hottest judge talks about the living in the limelight and sleeping around

By Team Truth May 30, 2012 6:49 PMTags
Adam Levine, Details Magazine CoverDetails

Since we haven't been getting our weekly dose of Adam Levine deliciousness on The Voice (miss you, spinning red chairs!), we were especially happy to see the hunk cover the latest issue of Details magazine.

And, while we're not sure whose (not so brilliant) idea it was to have him fully clothed, the "New King of Pop"—as the mag dubs him—was more than happy to titillate with his sound bites.

Like when he dubs himself "promiscuous." But hold on a hot sec, he's more than happy to explain his bed-hopping habits:


"There's two kinds of men. There are men who are f--king misogynist pigs," Adam bluntly reveals in the interview. "And then there are men who just really love women, who think they're the most amazing people in the world. And that's me."

Aww, how heartfelt! Well, almost…

Adam continues, "Maybe the reason I was promiscuous and wanted to sleep with a lot of them, is that I love them so much."

That's the douche-throb we know and love! And for those about to cry foul, not only has the Maroon 5 singer been widely labeled "America's most likeable douche bag," but he refers to himself as one too. So there.

And, hey, at least he's honest, right?!

But that wasn't all Adam had to say about the ladies in his life. In fact, he discusses how his mostly female-centric upbringing made him more comfortable around the opposite sex.

"One of my theories on why I'm so capable of understanding women is that after my parents split, my mom moved in with her brother's ex-wife—my aunt—who was also newly single," Adam tells the magazine. "Plus my cousin, who's more like my sister, and my brother, Michael, who we eventually find out is gay. Just the estrogen alone...You know when you're 14 and terrified to talk to a girl? I didn't suffer much from that. It seemed very natural to me to talk to girls."

Unfortunately for him, his latest breakup—with buxom blond model Anne V.—apparently "blindsided" Adam. But with all overwhelming love for the fairer sex, not to mention his star status as one of the hottest rockers around, we have a hard time feeling too bad for the newly single dude.

"I'm fiercely independent, but I'm also terrified of being alone," he admits. "I love attention. I can't stand not having it. It just has to be the right kind. To do what you love, to be with the people you love? That's all I want. That's the 'kwan.'"

There's always Jennifer Love Hewitt, Adam! Or, ya know…one of us.