Noomi Rapace, Michael Fassbender, Logan Marshall-Green, Prometheus

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When it comes to Prometheus, the critics have spoken.

Well, a few of them have, at least, as early reviews are already starting to trickle in for director Ridley Scott's highly anticipated supposed prequel-of-sorts to Alien starring Charlize Theron, Michael Fassbender and Swedish Girl With the Dragon Tattoo star Noomi Rapace.

So what's the initial verdict?

  • "Ridley Scott's third venture into science-fiction, after Alien in 1979 and Blade Runner in 1982, won't become a genre benchmark like those classics despite its equivalent seriousness and ambition," writes The Hollywood Reporter's Todd McCarthy. "But it does supply enough visual spectacle, tense action and sticky, slithery monster attacks to hit the spot with thrill-seeking audiences worldwide."
  • While "elaborately conceived from a visual standpoint," notes Variety's Justin Chang, it nevertheless "remains earthbound in narrative terms, forever hinting at the existence of a higher intelligence without evincing much of its own," adding that "the film conspicuously lacks the long, drawn-out silences and sense of menace in close quarters that made Alien so elegantly unnerving."
  • "It is a muddled, intricate, spectacular film, but more or less in control of all its craziness and very watchable," offers Peter Bradshaw of The Guardian. "There are also some shrewd and witty touches, and one terrifically creepy performance by Michael Fassbender."
  • "While Prometheus has some striking chilling moments it never plays the all-out horror card, instead developing the science alongside the action and punctuating the film with moments that jolt and amaze," states Mark Adams over at Screen Daily. "[It] should thrill, challenge and provoke audiences ready for [Scott's] signature brand of intelligent and visceral film-making."

So what do you think? Do these opinions change your mind at all when it comes to seeing Prometheus when it hits theaters June 8? Sound off in the comments!

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