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The new season of Dexter doesn't premiere until Sept. 30, but since you are probably dying (see what we did there?) for some fresh scoop, we think today's Spoiler Chat will be especially pleasing to you.

So what's coming up in season seven for our favorite serial killer? Plus, Happy Endings is about to get weirder when it returns, and yes, it is possible for that show to get weirder. All that, plus scoop on Haven, Rookie Blue and more in today's Spoiler Chat…

Joey: Your summer TV calendar made me so excited for my favorite shows to come back! But my favorite favorite doesn't come back until the fall! Dexter! Got scoop for me?
Well, first you need to check out this ominous and creepy new promo for season seven. And then you need to know that Dexter is casting a recurring guest star to play a physically imposing blue-collar guy who has a history of violent behavior. Bring on Jason Statham!

Terri: I need True Blood scoop now!
You are being quite the Demanding Darcy, even though your name is not Darcy. You know what we mean. What if we told you we were talking to the whole cast of True Blood tonight and we are in desperate need of questions to ask them? It's true, so head on down to the comments and help us out, eh?

Allison: Hey, my favorite TV gossip guru beauty...why no scoopie on my favorite show Rookie (Blue that is)?  I have been waiting all year for some juicy 411 on my now-favorite TV couple Sam and Andy since Naley only exists in a faraway land now.
Why do you have to remind us that Naley is no longer in our TV lives? We just can't let One Tree Hill go! And now we're crying. Thanks a lot. Anyway, we apologize for the lack of Rookie Blue scoop, and you'll probably be more pissed off at us since we must warn you that things between Sam (Ben Bass) and Andy (Missy Peregrym) will be rocky for awhile. Plus, we'll be meeting a new female character later in the season that will surely throw a wrench into everybody's relationships. She's beautiful, she's smart…and she'll be in charge.

Happy Endings


Brit in Rockford, Ill.: Happy Endings is off the air and I am sad. Can I get some season three spoilers to make me smile?
We just chatted with the cast of Happy Endings, and after congratulating them on a much-desreved season three with hugs and high-fives, we got to talking about what we're getting come the fall. Damon Wayans Jr. has the most intriguing and most "likely to happen" idea. "I'm looking forward to seeing what they do with the fact that [Brad is] unemployed," he tells us. "Since Max (Adam Pally) is the only other character that's unemployed as well, I feel like we can get in some hijinks together.Maybe fight some crime. Start a karate school. It's going to get weird." Can you all just imagine Brad and Max as superheroes? Make this so, Happy Endings writers!

Patti: Any scoop on the season of Warehouse 13? Will Steve Jinks rejoin the team?
Is "rejoin the team" a euphemism for resurrection? When last we saw Jinks (Aaron Ashmore), he was dead as a doornail. (Anyone who didn't cry a little has a heart colder than dearly departed Jinks himself.) Claudia (Allison Scagliotti) is not going to let a silly thing like death take away her kick-ass partner—not when supernatural artifacts have the power to bring him back, right? We're counting on seeing more of the human lie detector on Warehouse 13's fourth season, premiering July 23.

Edie Falco, Stephen Wallem, Nurse Jackie

Ken Regan/Showtime

Sophia: Nurse Jackie! Tell me something crazy about the finale.
Someone will not survive the episode. We repeat: death will come to All Saints. One clue: That person is not in the picture shown here.

Dano43545: My wife and I need Haven scoop please.
The spooky Syfy show doesn't come back until September (sob!), but we are going to meet some new faces come fall. Nathan (Lucas Bryant) and Audrey (Emily Rose) aren't the only ones who help the people of Haven. When Audrey is located she's going to need a lot of professional help to get past the trauma. It's going to be a tall order, we all know our dear Ms. Parker isn't very good at the talking-out-her-feelings thing. Frankly, we just want to know when Audrey and Nathan are going to kiss again! Kiss through the trauma.

—Additional reporting by Jenna Mullins, Christina Dowling & Drusilla Moorhouse

Spoiler Chat will be happening twice a week for the summer months, so go outside every once in awhile, ya hear? But keep sending us questions by emailing or tweeting @KristinDSantos!

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