Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox


Dear Ted:
I understand that Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox are really busy right now, but is that why they haven't been hanging out as much lately? Or if there was a rift between them? I really hope that Jen is still involved with Coco as well since she's her godmother. Also I enjoy your column, I look forward to reading it every day.

Dear Friend or Foe:
Puh-lease, rumors that these two gals have put a kibosh on their BFF-ship have been around forever. And also have never been true. Just because they're not Instagraming themselves cheersing to each other like some of the younger gal pals in H'wood does not mean anything is amiss between them. I'd like to see Jenny return to Cougar Town for another stint though.

Dear Ted:
The Entertainment Weekly cover story featured some great pics and interview with the Magic Mike men, Channing Tatum, Matthew McConaughey, Matt Bomer and Joe Manganiello. They sound like they all got to be friends. But where was Alex Pettyfer? They didn't seem to mention him at all. Shouldn't he have shared the cover? Didn't he get along with the rest of the guys? My rescue pup, Cupcake, and I would like to know.
—Cupcake and Liz

Dear Stripper's Choice:
Sure, it might have looked odd that Alex wasn't included on the cover with the other buffed-up gentlemen, but it may have had more to do with star power than feelings amongst the guys. Channing and Matthew are arguably A-List, everyone's talking Bomer lately (duh) and Joe has the True Blood connection. Alex's box-office track record isn't quite as coverboy-worthy yet. That, and he spent more time wooing his female costar than creating lasting bonds.

Dear Ted:
You said that if Robsten ever made plans to get married, they wouldn't tell anyone. I agree. My question is, couldn't they get married secretly à la Janet Jackson or Beyoncé? Maybe they already have and not told a soul?
—Signed, Gimme S'more Cannes After-Parties

Dear Cannes-Do Attitude:
Could they get married secretly? Yes, most certainly. Have they already tied the knot? Not a chance.

Dear Ted:
Normally I love your casting recommendations, but Taylor Kitsch for Finnick in Catching Fire? I don't see it happening, mainly because I don't see him being cast for the part. Same for Rooney Mara as Johanna. So who else do you think should play Finnick and Johanna? Also what's new with the elusive Chuck Finger-Dingle? Does she have a beard? I'm determined to Veronica Mars this vice!

Dear Fueling the Fire:
I wouldn't count him out just yet, H. Sources have revealed that Lionsgate is actually looking at Mr. Kitsch for the role (it's not just Team Truth's pick anymore). As for Johanna, Rooney was just a suggestion. But, speaking of Ms. Mars, I still prefer Kristen Bell for the part. On to the Vice biz, Chuck does have a beard. Not of the A-List variety though.

Dear Ted:
So, I finally got on board and read Fifty Shades of Grey. Color me fifty shades of red! I'm ready to talk casting. I'm not usually a huge fan but what do you think of Ryan Phillippe as Christian Grey? As I was reading, that's who my mind kept picturing. I totally think it could work. Just a thought…a dirty thought. Love your work!
—A First Timer in Denver

Dear Out of the Gutter:
How very Cruel Intentions, babe, except with a ball gag instead of ladies lip-locking. I'm kind of into it. Ryan needs something to shove him back into the limelight and he certainly could pull of the dark-and-brooding sexy thing.

Dear Ted:
My question is about the crazy level of certain haters. I've read a lot of reviews for On the Road. Nearly every critic thought Kristen Stewart was fantastic in her role. Yet some people keep insisting that she only received negative reviews. How crazy do you have to be to think "warm" and "perfect" is negative instead of positive? I've seen this same kind of blindness towards other female celebs, including Gwyneth Paltrow and Anne Hathaway. Do you think haters are inherently harder on women than men? My rescue cat Warhol and I send our love.
—Haters in Hollywood

Dear Babe Bashing:
Pretty crazy. But who ever said that the K.Stew haters were sane in the slightest?! Which is why stars like Kristen—as well as Gwyn and Anne—are able to tune that kind of nonsense out. As for the battle of the sexes, yes, I think Hollywood is harder on women. In all regards.

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