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Remember the rummage sale that Kristen Stewart threw last week with Kirsten Dunst? We picked up a few pieces, including a lovely butter cream icing dress that Dunst made from Jennifer Lopez's second wedding cake.

But the real star of that flea market was Kristen's Balenciaga pants and now we come to find that they were stolen from Gwen Stefani?!

Sure looks like it...

Mrs. Gavin Rossdale first wore the pants in white, framing them with Stella McCartney's Ink Large Diamond shades and a set of black sandals from her own L.A.M.B. collection during a stroll in SoCal on May 20.

The color of Gwen's nails and lips? Oh, come on, like you even have to ask. The day that Gwen wears anything but blood red will be the day that the sun rises in the west and Lindsay Lohan leaves the house wearing a bra.

Then came K.Stew, who wore the same Balenciaga design in a shade of yellow that sent half of southern France into seizures when she wore them at Cannes. (And you thought the French were drooling over those pants in a good way.) The 22-year-old paired the trousers with black pumps and her signature cloud of misery.

So, who will get your fashion vote?

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When it comes to these Balenciaga pants, who wore it best?!
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