Morning Mail! Has George Clooney Already Kicked Stacy Keibler to the Curb?

Readers wonder if The Descendants star has broken up with his GF, ask about Veronica Bee-Stings beau

By Ted Casablanca May 29, 2012 1:30 PMTags
George Clooney, Stacy KeiblerJason Merritt/Getty Images

Dear Ted:
Did George Clooney drop Stacy Keibler for that wonderful pooch he was with on the beach? She seems to have disappeared, barely even tweeting for her fans. Did being girlfriend of George finally pay off giving her so much work she is too busy or is she just too busy packing for her long summer vacation in Italy? Ciao

Dear Sealed with a Keibler Kiss:
George and Stacy are very much together. Rumors swirled when Stacy opted out of the White House  Correspondents' dinner, but she recently supported her hunky BF at his fundraiser for President Obama where the duo packed on the PDA. Trust, it'll be obvious when Stacy and George call it quits—there'll be another long-legged babe on Clooney's arm faster than you can say The Descendants.

Dear Ted:
You said that Veronica Bee-Stings is head-over-heels for her new guy and scrambling to hide her past. What I'm wondering is, does her boy have secrets of his own? And if he is honest with her about his own Vices will she be far less enamored?

Dear Stung By Ms. V:
Of course, VBS' boy toy has a few secrets of his own (who doesn't besides Tim Tebow?!), but it's nothing like the skeletons Veronica's been hiding. And to answer your question: Her current beau is BV free, so Veronica's past is the only one that could cause serious issues for this twosome. Then again, her BF seems entirely smitten—VBS just has a way with her sting!

Dear Ted:
I can't help but wonder that Robsten might just be PR. I love both of them and I think they make a wonderful couple but could they really be playing us? I saw the make-out pics, but I have read that they were both drunk. So tell us for the billionth time, are these two in it for the long haul or will they end as soon as Twilight does?
Doubtful Robsten lover

Dear Seriously?:
Really, D, you choose to ignore the fact that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart both walked the Cannes carpet in support of each other and decide to focus on a make-out sesh as proof of their PR stint?! It pains me to say it again, but yes, for the billionth time, Rob and Kristen are very much together. They both like to drink from time to time and I would be shocked if they didn't indulge in an adult beverage after the Cannes carpet craziness. Better for us, since it gave paps time to snap that adorable smooching shot. Now, are you satisfied yet?

Dear Ted:
Is Harriet Talons' TV show still on the air or coming back for the 2012 fall season? I thought that was one of the reasons she would not be fired because she is a major player on the show. I am hoping it's not Stana Katic. My "guard cat" Antigone says hello!

Dear Talon-ented TV Vet:
All I'm saying is that Harriet should be far more worried about her future career than her current stint on the boob tube if you catch my drift. Oh, and it's not Stana Katic.

Dear Ted:
I have a total off-the-wall unexpected suggestion for I was reading the books (which are pretty bad like a soap) I couldn't help but think of Chad Michael Murray. I know he hasn't done that much but he had the whole broody thing down perfectly on One Tree Hill and he is known but also not a huge star. What do you think? Also thanks for all you do for animals my rescue pit Jax and I appreciate it!

Dear Fifty Shades of Chad:
I'm actually not against your suggestion, C. A.Skars is still the far better choice in my book, but Chad is seriously sexy and he totally proved he can do the drama schtick from his days on One Tree Hill. If the scripts too raunchy to land a big A-list name, then Chad's not a bad choice, but he's certainly not my first pick.

Dear Ted:
I have been reading a lot about Kristen Stewart's gold ring on her index finger. Do you think it is a pre-engagement ring? It supposedly says Rob in another language. Rob said in an interview with Vanity Fair that they wanted children someday. Are they finally coming out as an official couple (not that we ever had any doubts)? I can't help but being extremely curious about these two being in it for the long haul. Can't you just imagine those Robsten babies? Will there ever be a day where we won't have to go watch Twilight to see some affection?

Dear Robsten For Ever:
First off, Rob and Kristen are not engaged and if they do have any promise in the making, the über-private duo's definitely not going to tell a soul. As for confirmation of their couple status? May I direct your attention to the adorable Robsten make-out sesh at Cannes earlier this week. You're welcome.