Keeping Up with the Kardashians

On this week's episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, the whole family is under pressure! Quick, someone call Queen to write a revised version of the song!

It starts with Kris Jenner feeling the heat from her million and one business ventures, as more time is spent at the office and less at home. "I am in L.A. for literally 24 hours and my mother is on the phone handling business calls," Khloé Kardashian-Odom says during a family dinner.

Her big sis, Kim Kardashian, agrees, "My mom is losing focus of the family time that we just really want."

Maybe some more one-on-one time with Kim is what Kris should've focused on, especially since Kim's impending divorce is starting to take a serious toll.

"My divorce has been really draining, really stressful," Kim says. "I just want to leave this chapter of my life behind me."

On Khloé's advice that she do something "silly," Kim decides to start a new chapter of her life that we like to call, "Kim wigs out and becomes a 007 Bond girl!"

"Khloé's talk really inspired me just to have more fun," Kim says while trying on a bright red wig. "And I'm kind of obsessed with 007."

Meanwhile, Rob Kardashian is obsessed with finding a house—a goal that's made more difficult by that fact that his mom and sisters are telling him where-what-and when to buy.

Rob needs someone to help him on his search, but since Kris is M.I.A., Bruce Jenner offers to take him!

"I don't know if Kris is the best one to go with him to buy a house to be honest with you," Bruce says. "And you know what I can take that house hunting off of Kris' to-do list and she can go to something else."

What a great stepdad, right?! Only, Rob isn't too keen on the idea...

"With the houses, I definitely want my mom's opinion and not Bruce's," Rob says. Yikes!

Things escalate for Kris when the family holds a meeting without her to discuss the momager's serious road rage, lack of family time and how desperately she's in need of a break.

"I think that we're definitely going to have to pry the Blackberry out of her hand," Kendall Jenner says.

Pry they do—as Kourtney Kardashian and Kendall stage an intervention to force Kris to take time for herself and also take a good hard look at what has been going on with the family. Like the fact that Kim is now exclusively wearing wigs and speaking with an accent!

"You're starting to freak me out a little bit with these wigs," Kris tells her daughter. "Are we having an identity crisis?"

As soon as Kris takes the time to talk to Kim, the accent magically lifts and sanity is restored in the family! Hooray!

Woah, wait, we spoke too soon—because things still need to be righted between Rob and Bruce after Rob unintentionally suggested that he grew up without a father figure.

"It's kind of hard to hear that Rob said something so upsetting to Bruce," Kris says. "And Bruce tried to reach out and talk to me about it and I didn't even hear him."

It's OK, Kris, it's never too late to apologize! Kris invites Rob over to the house to do that very thing and shows her son videos Bruce made of Rob at his track meets, photos of them growing up…All the things that helped earn Bruce that recent Father of the Year award from Esquire.

"Bruce was there obviously, my whole entire life," Rob says. "I am very appreciative and fortunate to have him."

The soon-to-be homeowner finds Bruce in the garage and apologizes for everything he said. "I'm sorry for being really dismissive with you and not really taking your opinion on the housing situation," he says.

The two hug it out and sanity is once again restored! Hooray!

Or, at least it's restored until an all new episode airs next week on Sunday, June 10. Only on E!

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