Mad Men Recap: What Price Is Too High for Jaguar?

Find out why Joan is key to landing a major account in the hit AMC drama

By Christina Dowling May 28, 2012 4:19 AMTags
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Last week's Mad Men saw the rebirth of Don (Jon Hamm) as a man on a mission to land Jaguar. Is the fierce ad man we know back in business? And why does Pete (Vincent Kartheiser) want Joan (Christina Hendricks) to compromise her morals for a big account? Find out now:


Selling Sex and Secretaries: Pete is apparently a pimp now. He is all gung-ho about the idea of renting Joan out to a greasy old man to land an account. Thank the lord that Don at least has the decency to act appalled about the whole idea. But Joan ends up with 5 percent and a bad decision to get ahead.  

We are so shocked and we must say, dismayed. Joan Harris is a lot of things but she has never sold herself to get ahead. Last week she had lost a lot of confidence since her baby and separation, is this her way of taking back power? Or falling deeper down the rabbit hole? 

Broadway Bound: Megan (Jessica Paré) is out pounding the pavement trying to get an acting job. But Don is not pleased when he finds out that this new gig could take his wife to Boston for three months. Since we are Smash fans, we know all about previews and rehearsals. And we admit we are praying for an "I'm in tech, Don!" type line.

Au Revoir Peggy:  Peggy is unhappy at SCDP. She feels disrespected, unwanted and Don literally throws money in her face to shut her up. So she does what any self-respecting valuable employee does: gets another job. And Don is pissed. Like veins popping out of his neck pissed. But that final moment between Don and Peggy was absolutely perfect. 


"I was going to watch Carson and cry myself to sleep." —Don

"Do you consider Cleopatra a prostitute?" —Pete

"I'm not crying." —Peggy

"How about: Jaguar, it's your problem not mine?" —Megan

"The conversation does not end just because you leave the room." —Pete

"You're a good one, aren't you?" —Joan

"I think I need a chocolate shake." —Peggy

Are you shocked by Joan's choice? Was it time for Peggy to leave SCDP? Hit the comments!

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