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Dear Ted:
Holy crap, Teddy bear!!! It looks like legit websites are reporting that Lionsgate is courting Robert Pattinson to play Finnick in Catching Fire. I know you've always said that there won't be any Twi-Hunger Games crossover, but now I'm not so sure. Give me the scoop, please! I want to see him in a movie with Jennifer Lawrence, I just never thought it'd be this one!

Dear Finding Finnick:
There have been "insider" rumors that Rob would be joining The Hunger Games crew since, well, forever now. And did you know that Kristen Stewart is going to be playing Johanna?! And Taylor Lautner Mags! I'd chalk them up to simply fan hopes at this point, I can't see Lionsgate wanting to bring on more comparisons to the vamp-tastic franchise. And I really can't see Rob wanting to jump in bed with another teen franchise anytime soon. But, if he were, how hilarious would a J.Law-R.Pattz press tour be? Don't think it's going to happen, tho.

Dear Ted:
I've been a big fan of Lindsay Lohan's eyebrows. Yes I said eyebrows. But lately I've noticed her face shape and brows are dramatically different than her Mean Girls days. I'm a few months older than her, so I know that its not age. So why does LiLo look so different?

Dear Bizzaro:
For being such a brow fiend, you'd think you'd be into chicks like Lily Collins. But maybe blame Linds' changing appearance on, uh, stress and exhaustion? Isn't that what celebrities say? Either way, I'm just excited to see if she can actually channel Elizabeth Taylor. Shall we start taking bets now?

Dear Ted:
Love your column, been reading it for years. I stopped for a while, nothing against you, but I lost my husband to cancer last year. So, it took me some time to bounce back. BTW, I give credit to you for bringing laughter back into my life. My BFF recommended me to read Fifty Shades of Grey. Biggest mistake, I can't put it down. So, do you think that a really famous/well known actor would dare to take the role of Anastasia and Christian? For example, my choice would be Chris Hemsworth and Dakota Fanning to play the parts, but they might think it's the wrong career move for them. Tell me please...

Dear Casting Queen:
So sorry to hear about your loss, A. Kisses to you and your family from me and mine. As for Fifty Shades, you're not the only one who's suggested the Thor star and the elder Fanning sister—the duo was picked by a H'wood casting agent too! Do I think they'd ever do it? Not in a million years. Well, not Chris at least. 

Dear Ted:
Regarding Jennifer Lopez's possible American Idol replacement, if I continue with the former contestant/winner theme how about Fantasia? Or possibly an older diva like Dolly Parton or Liza Minnelli?

Dear American Idiot:
Why don't we just go with Taylor Hicks then? I think if a winner were to fill the seat it'd have to be someone whose had a bit more success than Ms. Fantasia. As for your suggestions, as much as I would die to see either of those divas on my TV weekly, I'm thinking A.I. will appeal to the younger demo—now that they're battling Britney Spears and all.

Dear Ted:
Was intrigued a few months ago when you hinted that Rooney Mara had a Vice and said to stay tuned because she'd be upping her "behavior" now that she figured herself a Hollywood A-Lister. Other than a few pictures from the set of her latest film, it would seem Rooney is living a very quiet life. Or is she just an expert at steering clear of the press? Haven't seen her annoyed mug being photographed with her boyfriend recently either…Is she still with him or is she too busy snapping up every part in Hollywood to make time for her BF?

Dear Girl With the Vice Tattoo:
Rooney has certainly made her mark on the B.V. annals a few times since rocketing to stardom. And for someone so new to the fame game, she certainly knows how to keep a stealth profile when she wants—heck, even better than some superstars that have been Vicing for decades. Haven't heard word of a split for the babe though, think she's just keeping all of her private life just that.

Dear Ted:
A fan account of the treatment Kristen Stewart received by the paparazzi when she arrived in Cannes certainly justified Kristen giving them the finger. I know the usual haters will pounce on that and not mention that even though she was swarmed and her luggage was knocked over, she acknowledged the fans that were waiting for her with a smile and thumbs up. Fans reported the vile things the paps were yelling at her trying to get a reaction. My question is: Are the paparazzi abusive to all celebrities? Are they especially vile to Kristen and Rob?

Dear Supply and Demand 101:
The paparazzi can get rather, hmm, aggressive will all celebrities—you could throw a stone on the internet and find a story about a star sounding off on those pesky photogs—but the K.Stew-R.Pattz stuff creates such a frenzy that photographers will put in that extra effort to get picks. Even if that means doing middle finger raising-worthy things in the process.

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