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We've said it before: Simon Cowell, you could have had this for a second-season X Factor judge.

Instead you insisted on Britney Spears, who comes within 10-feet of any dress and instantly sends it spiraling down from couture to Kohl's country...

Don't get us twisted—the 30-year-old has been keepin' it tight, and it shows. If we woke up tomorrow morning with these curves—and a pair of babylons that do not look like they've nursed two kids—we'd be just fine with it.

The color of Brit-Brit's Brian Lichtenberg mini is terrifically on trend and the sheer paneling, while a bit much paired with a super-tiny skirt, doesn't bother us a whole lot either. The structure in the shoulders adds unexpected flair as well.

We also give the "Till the World Ends" singer props for a simple, elegant manicure and understated makeup.

But the black platform YSL suede pumps? Definitely ill advised. They shorten Brit's already muscular legs and send her teetering dangerously close to dollar-stripper territory.

Or maybe it's just the Britney factor that's holding back this outfit. You tell us!

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