Solange Knowles

Theo Wargo/Getty Images

The event was called Party in the Garden, but apparently the after-soiree was happening in Solange Knowles' underpants!

Behold! Beyoncé's little sis in a leafy green half patio-half pool party romper, which she wore to an event at the Museum of Modern Art this week.

Is it a bathrobe? Is it a bathing suit? Is it a ladies-who-lunch skirt? Is it one of Oprah Winfrey's blazers from the late '80s? Is it four outfits in one...?

If you suspect that this getup is a fashion student's creation, you are correct.

In fact, it was an offering from Central Saint Martins alum Flaminia Saccucci as part of her graduation lineup. This look literally left tire tracks on the last girl who tried to wear it, and it isn't doing the younger Knowles any favors either.

One word of encouragement: Solange, wherever you got those flesh-colored pumps, well played. Now go wear them with an outfit that deserves them and leave the folic acid underwear at home.

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