So You Think You Can Dance is back!

Our hearts did a series of grande jétés in anticipation of tonight's return of Cat Deeley, Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy and all of their partners in judgment.

We have some concerns, of course: Every show gets a little old by its ninth season. And what's with this once-a-week thing?

But we just have to trust that our old pal Nigel knows what he's doing, and give ourselves over to the art of the dance...

First up, SYTYCD hit New York City—and just as eventual winner Melanie was the first hopeful we laid eyes on last season, we expect big things from Amelia Lowe.

The 18-year-old was first out of the gate and, what with that Louise Brooks bob and the retro French music to which she danced so beautifully, was immediately pegged as one to watch.

Another standout was contemporary dancer Leo Reyes, 21, who admitted to pissing away his talent until his mother attempted suicide. Happily, she's healthy now, and Leo wants to achieve big things in her honor.

Well, he's come to the right place.

Then there was the single mother of two (whose baby stole the show, crawling around on the stage to an Evanescence song) and Hampton "The Exorcist" Williams, whose purpose was perhaps to exorcize the bad vibes left behind by the more clueless auditioners out there.

Mary cried and Lil C actually bowed down!

"How you'll get on in a dance competition like this show...I don't give a s--t, I tell you!" Nigel said, offering up a ticket to Vegas.

Who exorcized your demons tonight? Are you loving season nine so far? What are your thoughts on the new format? Sound off in the comments section!

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