Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise

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Dear Ted:
Is it true that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have quietly separated?  I noticed that the last time they were pictured together was during the Vanity Fair Oscars after party. Katie is currently in Connecticut filming and locals are saying that Tom was never there—which is weird considering how he would always visit whenever she's filming. Or maybe Tom's just busy? And oh, what do you think about Alexis Bledel as Anastasia Steele? 

Dear Trouble for TomKat?:
Way to sneak in a casting question, B! But to answer your first: Tom and Katie are just fine. Katie's simply busy filming and Tom recently gushed over his wife in the June issue of Playboy, plus they've got adorable Suri to keep the family together! Divorce rumors are always swirling around these two, so methinks the time apart is just a scheduling hiccup. Oh and as for Alexis? Already said, I'm a fan of the idea, but I'm still sticking by Lily Collins as my number one gal.

Dear Ted:
Seeing the Great Gatsby trailer (can't wait for the film!) has me thinking that it seems Leonardo DiCaprio is following in fellow A-lister George Clooney's footsteps: Good looks, respected career, short-lived relationships with models and other gorgeous women... Do you think Leo is so like George that he will remain a bachelor always? Xoxo,

Dear Bachelor Boys:
Look, K, you might think Leo's all about copying Clooney's love life, but trust, what the dude desires more is Clooney's career. George is an Oscar winner, and we all know how much Leo would love one of those little gold statues to call his own. As for his bachelor ways? If Leo does decide to settle down, it will be long before Clooney, that's for certain, but I wouldn't expect either dude to give up their bachelor lifestyles.

Dear Ted:  
Hi! Care to dish if Veronica Bee-Stings is Jennifer Love Hewitt?!

Dear The Client Sting:
I wish I could answer yes, A! Wouldn't that just make those steamy Client List scenes all the more entertaining?! But, VBS is not JLH. Next guess!

Dear Ted:
I'm sorry, but I don't think Alexander Skarsgård is Christian Grey! I will be completely disappointed if they cast him. He just doesn't do anything for me and he looks too old! I'm completely on board for Robert Pattinson! If he doesn't, what do you think of Chris Pine? Is this role too naughty for him? As for Anna, I really hope Kristen Stewart considers this role! If not her, I like Lily Collins.
Heather M

Dear Unrealistic:
Uh, way to think out the box, H (that was sarcasm, btw). Of course, we all want Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart to take on the two lead raunchy roles, but after Robsten's Cannes' debut, I think it's safe to say this duo won't go near another movie with cheesy Twilight-esque one-liners (inner goddess, anyone?). As far as your other suggestions, not sure what your A.Skars beef is, put I don't think Chris Pine will go there—he didn't seem overly excited when Access Hollywood asked him about the part.

Dear Ted:  
I've been enjoying all the Kristen Stewart press of late, but one thing got me off side was all the who's hotter Charlize Theron or Kristen debates that came up when you Google Kristen's name. I mean, come on, there was no Sam versus Chris, now you have done the same! Why? I am sick of how Hollywood females are treated.

Dear SWATH Smackdown:
My dearest apologies, J, because I, too, get frustrated with the way women are treating in H'Wood. But, in this case, since the movie is a fight to the death, it seems rather appropriate that we would pit the two beauties against each other. And they are such close friends, I'm sure they didn't mind! As for you Sam versus Chris idea—we'll think on it (even though Hemsworth's the hotter hunk in our book). Now, are you satisfied?

Dear Ted:  
Not a question, just so excited for pics from Cannes after party. All I can say is, "Take that, Nonstens!" I'm sure you agree! Right? Okay there was a question.

Dear Take That Nonstens:
Well, duh! Can I get three cheers for that adorable Robsten smooch?! Seriously, these two could not get any cuter—we just knew they'd be Cannes' hottest couple.

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