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Happy Memorial Day weekend, people! Can we offer you some TV scoop to serve at your BBQ? 

In today's edition of Spoiler Chat, we've got some scoop on Revenge's second season, including what's next for Daniel. And if that weren't enough, we also got our hands on some very hot info on True Blood and have a Pretty Little Liars' romance update on two fan favorite couples. 

Plus, we've got intel on Downton Abbey, Weeds and Dexter, so what are you waiting for? Dig in...

Kelli: I love Daniel on Revenge! Please tell me what's going to happen to him in season two!
Why don't we just let Joshua Bowman take this one? The British stud tells us Daniel will only get "darker and deeper" in season two. But don't worry, the actor is sure Daniel will never become a full-blown Grayson. "I'm sure he'll take a complete U-turn and probably he likable again." One can only hope, Josh!

fernanaberry: what will season two of Revenge mostly focus on? 
If it's up to the ABC hit's leading lady, Emily VanCamp, we'll be getting more shenanigans with the white-haired man and flashback fun! "I would love to see more of the white-haired man. I think he is such an awesome villain for the show," she tells us. Emily adds that she wants to learn more about our revengetress' past. "I love the flashbacks. I like seeing where she went in that eight years that she was training and finding out more about her past and finding out how she became this Emily Thorne character."

Downton Abbey

Joan Wakeham/Rex / Rex USA

Madison: Any scoop on True Blood's new season? I need some info stat!
We hope your air conditioner is working this summer because things are going to be getting very hot in Bon Temps! And by "things" we mean a male prisoner in a very precarious situation and by "very hot" we mean very naked. Is it June yet?!

Emma: Got anything on what's going on for Fitz when Pretty Little Liars comes back?
A new job! While Ian Harding wouldn't tell us exactly what Fitz's new job is, he would tease that it's in the "teaching realm." As for his romance with Aria? Hot and heavy and out in the open! Another romance going very strong in season three? Toby and Spencer! But they will be dealing with a revenge-seeking Jenna. Ruh-roh!

Rose: Downton Abbey! I know it's far away, but I need scoop.
How would a picnic sound? A nice meal under the rare English sun that includes all your favorites. Best of all Sybil and Branson will be there too. Please, please, Julian Fellowes, give us awesome scenes between the Dowager Countess and the former chauffeur. We beg of you.



Nick: Gimme some info on my favorite Weeds character, Shane, please!
Shane is getting some friends! Or, you know, fellow cadets. Bondi and Ronchetta are two goofballs he will meet in the police academy. Yes, it appears that Shane is very serious about becoming an officer of the law. Go figure!

Maureen: OK you were right, I really do love Jack in White Heat. What's coming up?
In an upcoming episode of the BBC America drama, Jack hits rock bottom and has to come off of heroin. Oops! Spoiler alert. But it's not a spoiler to tell you we still get chills thinking about Claflin's performance in a particular scene with TV papa Jeremy Northam. "It was a long day in that bedroom," Sam Claflin jokes. "It felt like I had been through all the things that Jack had been through. He's at the lowest of the low really. And not knowing where to go or who to turn to or what to do." But can Jack be redeemed before the series' end?

dana_lynn16: Any Dexter season 7 scoop? I can't wait till September?
Fans who completely hated the whole Deb-is-in-love-with-Dexter storyline at the end of last season will be happy to know that the show won't be heading in that direction early in season seven. However, we do know the showrunners are going to continue with that idea...eventually.  

—Additional reporting by Tierney Bricker and Christina Dowling

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