Between Snow White and the Huntsman's London premiere last week, On the Road's debut at Cannes yesterday (complete with a late night Robsten make out session) and the debut of new Breaking Dawn Part 2 posters today, we're surprised that May hasn't officially been dubbed Kristen Stewart month.

Or has it and we just missed the announcement?! Either way, we love that K.Stew is branching out into all sorts of new projects and we love even more that her big screen flicks come with hottie costars (looking at you, Garrett Hedlund).

And when we caught up with the two—along with Sam Riley—at the junket for On the Road, they couldn't help but gush over each other, well, when they weren't discussing getting naked, that is!

Let's start with the stripped down stuff first, shall we?

"I genuinely did feel so completely comfortable that watching it now even I'm like 'Whoa!'" Kristen told E! News about some of the more risqué fare involved in the movie—which btw, includes nudity, threesomes and some seriously sexy scenes for those not in the know. "Which is fine, that's the way I should react to it. I'm so not like her, as I've said, but um…"

And when K.Stew got momentarily tongue tied, Garrett took over, explaining, "Our first day of shooting was answering the door naked and her being in bed over there." Um, solid way to start things off with a bang! And leave it to K.Stew to plunge head first into the part:

"That was maybe the one day I didn't feel as free as I did," Kristen continued before trailing off. "We got to the point, but…"

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"But you know, the characters you're playing," Garrett tried to explain. "You just go for it."

Hmm, it all sounds a wee bit awkward. Thankfully, though, the cast became very close while filming—remember how sources close to the project told us K.Stew loved Garrett's "risk-taking" attitude?

"We've come to love each other so much," Garrett gushed about his costars.

"People say that about movies," Kristen chimed in. "But we're not lying!"

Sounds like a muy different experience from those drama-filled Twilight days, no?

"For all of us, at the end of the day, to be here in Cannes and walk the carpet together side by side, it didn't seem like anyone was there but us," Garrett waxed poetically about their time on the red carpet. "It didn't seem like there were cameras or anything, it just felt so good to be together."

Well that's pretty friggin' adorable, but as cute and close as these costars are, we still can't help but wish Kris would have walked the carpet with Robert Pattinson.

Cosmopolis premieres in Cannes tomorrow! So here's hoping for Robsten round two on that French red carpet and another make out sesh, s'il vous plait?! 

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