Lolo Jones, Tim Tebow, Lena Dunham

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Tim Tebow, Lena Dunham, and now this Lolo Jones person—why do so many celebrities feel the need to share their virgin status with us? Do we even care?
—Lexi N., via the inbox

Oh, please. You read about these people sometime recently, and unless your eyeballs accidentally tripped and fell onto those blog posts, then you care a little about all this too.

As for why the creator of Girls Lena Dunham recently told Stephen Colbert, "I have never done the sex," it's probably the same reason that Olympic hopeful Lolo Jones just told Byrant Gumbel all about the purity of her vajayjay...


"It's guaranteed to make people click on links, tune in, you name it," says TV-exec-turned-talent manager Marrissa O'Leary, who reps model/singer Amy Weber.

One word of note: Dunham, in fact, may or may not be a virgin, depending on what magazines you read. She apparently wrote an essay in Rookie about losing her virginity as a college sophomore, only to tell Colbert something completely different.

But that just makes you even more curious, doesn't it?

And that just may be the point.

Olympic runner Jones may have her own reason to Tweet about her vadge, O'Leary tells this B!tch.

A buzz-savvy star would "want to go into the Olympics with the highest possible profile to attract the most media attention," O'Leary tells this B!tch. After all, she notes, "When NBC decides what [Olympic footage], an athlete may not get a whole lot of media coverage unless she's already a media figure before the Olympics."

Once the Olympics are finished, there's nothing much left to do but seek out sponsors or other types of exposure-based income. And you can't get that income without—you guessed it! Exposure!

Tebow's motives may be different. So many male athletes are "bad boy" types that Tebow may simply want to set himself apart—again, as his own separate brand.

"It is so unusual nowadays for people to be virgins, so people flaunt it to distinguish themselves," says publicist Susan Blond, whose firm, Susan Blond Inc., has worked with onetime super-virgin Britney Spears.

"TV shows have people sleeping with each other, sometimes sleeping with 10 people and that's become the norm! The virgin card makes you different."

Even if you're not.

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