It's all been building up to this, Revenge fans! The ABC breakout series' highly anticipated finale is upon us, and viewers will be saying goodbye to "a couple of people" by the end of "Reckoning."

We chatted with Emily VanCamp, Josh Bowman and Madeleine Stowe at Disney's International upfront presentation, where they were more than happy to dish on tonight's "roller-coaster" episode, Nolan's (Gabriel Mann) chances of survival, Victoria's (Stowe) latest dirty deeds and more! Plus, what's in store for the love triangle now that Emily and Jack (Nick Wechsler) shared their first kiss? Find out...

Watch out, people. This love triangle is about to get twisted!

"There is definitely some [resolution] in the finale," Emily teases of the love triangle. "She kind of figures everything out in the finale and then is sort of swayed by other occurrences, other things that happen around her. She kind of finds true and deep resolve after this whole thing with Jack—and then a series of events happen, and then you'll have to see! It changes everything for her, so there are many, many cliffhangers. It's just a roller-coaster episode."

And yes, Daniel (Bowman) will definitely be finding out about Emily and Jack's kiss. "I'd be pissed if I found out, wouldn't you?" Josh teases. "It's a big episode. I think there's about four episodes crammed into one here, so it's going to be very, very good to watch. I'm actually excited to watch it!"

While Emily and Josh kept things a bit vague in relation to the finale, Madeleine was a bit more forthcoming when it came to doling out scoop, telling us, "Let's see, a couple of people die. Emily, who has concocted this whole plan, is going to watch it all go in a direction that she didn't expect it to go. And Victoria does something that is entirely unexpected, really unexpected."

As for the extremely unfriendly exes Victoria and Conrad (Henry Czerny)? "It gets so bad," Madeleine says. "I mean, literally almost physically at each other's throats. It pushes towards the end of the show, and there's going to be a huge surprise." 

Fans of Nolan (so really, everyone who watches the show) shouldn't worry too much about our billionaire genius's safety. Why? When we asked Emily if she'll be coming through for her fellow Revenger, she responded, "She always does! I mean, come on, it's Emily Thorne!" Word!

Team Daniel have slowly been watching their favorite Grayson turn to the dark side and become more like his parents...a change Josh fully embraces. "I hope we go further. Hopefully Mike continues down that path. For me, as an actor, I think it's better and more fun," he tells us. "I'm still learning on the show and there are so many great actors; I'm just trying to keep up. It's nice to be able to explore a different side of the character. Hopefully he stays on this path...or maybe he's going dark for a reason to help Emily? I don't know, we'll see!"

Revenge's finale airs tonight at 10 p.m. on ABC.

To hear more from the Revenge cast, including Madeleine's thoughts on the show's new time slot, how Emily really felt about Jack and Emily's first kiss and Christa B. Allen on Charlotte's drug addiction, watch our interviews with them above!

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