Rise 'n' Shine: Heather Locklear's Not Afraid to Show Her Face, but Could She Have Been Set Up?

The actress is photographed out yesterday after her DUI, and new rumors suggest some shady things went down...plus more linkage!

By Jennifer Cady Oct 01, 2008 4:09 PMTags
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• Heather Locklear isn't letting Sunday's driving disaster scare her into hiding—she was out in Beverly Hills yesterday grabbing lunch with Jack Wagner. And about that DUI, it's rumored that a pretty shady lady set Heather up and made sure to call both the police and paparazzi.

• Christina Applegate talked to Oprah yesterday about her double mastectomy. It was both heartbreaking and powerful.

Last night Britney hit up the Broadway show In the Heights, and one theatergoer had this to say: "I saw her hair and her sparkly eyes." Lucky!

• Beyoncé’s CD might not be ready for its Nov. 18 release date. Noooo! Must have new Beyoncé!

• Billy Joel proves to be a nice dude. He’s helping pay for the funeral of a fisherman whose body was found not far from his house.