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Tick-tock goes the Revenge death-watch clock!

The ABC breakout hit closes out its first season tonight, and it's safe to say the sudser is going out with a bang. But just how many lives will we be mourning (or celebrating!) by episode's end? 

Plus, who will definitely be surviving Game of Thrones' highly anticipated battle, and whose daughter will we be meeting on Sons of Anarchy next season? We've got the answers to all those questions and scoop on White Collar, Body of Proof and more in today's edition of Spoiler Chat...

Valentina from Michigan: I'm dying to know any spoilers on the Revenge season finale! Hints on who dies (I have a feeling it's two people including the white-haired man!) and what happens with Emily and Jack? I want them together!
We can confirm that more than one person will be exiting the ABC hit drama during tonight's finale. As for whether or not it's the white-haired man (no, we still won't find out his real name!), Emily VanCamp tells us she'd love to learn more about him in season two, so take from that what you will. And for scoop on what's to come for Emily and Jack, check back with us a little later for romance scoop from Emily!

Gerard: Any scoop on Game of Thrones big battle episode?
While most people are anxiously awaiting "Blackwater," one of the show's stars is looking forward to what comes after the battle. "I'm looking forward to his breakdown really," Eugene Simon tells us of Lancel, who will be fighting in the battle. Not giving too much away, viewers will be seeing a very different side of the Lannister after the episode. "It's a very beautiful change, even if it's not necessarily a healthy one," he teases. 

Chyler Leigh, Grey's Anatomy


Ronnie: Need more Sons of Anarchy spoilers!
You got it. Ready to meet the family? Get dressed up in your fanciest because we're meeting Tig's daughter! Yep, SOA will introduce you to Tig's sweet little girl. And by little we mean in her 20s, and by sweet, we mean we meet her while she's in a, um, compromising position. 

Tatiane: Please, I'm begging...Why the hell is Chyler Leigh leaving in the show? I still can't believe.
It's still too soon for us to talk about. Sob. Grey's Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimeswouldn't elaborate past "stuff that happens inside our family" that made Leigh leave the medical drama, except that the decision was very difficult. We must respect Leigh's tough choice, but we don't have to like it. In fact, in our minds we are creating an elaborate alternate timeline for our favorite slain doc—Mark and Lexie have dozens of babies and live happily ever after, natch.

Sammi: Any Switched at Birth news you care to share?
Expect a tussle of some kind to go down between Emmett and Toby when the ABC Family hit returns in September. Something you shouldn't expect? A reunion between Bay and Emmett, as she will be too busy with some illegal activities to focus on her cheating ex. 

Body Of Proof, Dana Delany


Diego: Do you have anything to share about Body of Proof's third season? Thanks!
It just so happens that we caught up with the show's two lovely leading ladies to chat about season three. "I understand there's going to be a little more action, a little more excitement," Jeri Ryan shared, while Dana Delany said, "We ended with a cliffhanger, so we don't know what's going to happen with my assistant Peter. That was very action-packed and I think people liked that. ABC liked that, so there's going to be a little more heightened stakes next season." 

Kyle: I love all the White Collar scoop you've been throwing at us. Can I get more?
Of course! It's one of the shows we're most excited about this summer. But more on that later. Let's do a mental exercise with this piece of White Collar scoop. Close your eyes and picture this character: Alec Baldwin in Glengarry Glen Ross combined with a young Sylvester Stallone. Sound insane? That's the exact character we'll be getting in season four. We love this show.

Jaime in Hudson, N.Y.: Any Walking Dead news to tide me over until Halloween?
Already airing out your zombie costume, aren't you? Well, AMC's got one treat for your goody bag—a behind-the-scenes video with cast interviews.While Norman Reedus teases that "love blossoms" (fingers crossed he's talking about Daryl!), star Andrew Lincoln promises that season three will be "darker, harder, faster and deeper." Come again, now? Oh, he's talking about the show's pace. Got it.

—Additional reporting by Jenna Mullins, Tierney Bricker, Drusilla Moorhouse and Christina Dowling

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