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Dear Ted:
Very curious about what is behind the animosity directed at Ray J by members of Whitney Houston's family? Ray J certainly has a colorful past all caught on tape, but the way some of the Houston family is carrying on, I'm starting to think there's something we don't know. Enlighten us, Ted...why all the drama? Does Ray J have a Blind Vice?
—Delaware Girl

Dear for the Love of Ray J:
Though the Houston family attests that the latest tension is between them and Whitney's rumored BF (that'd be Ray J), I wouldn't be surprised if they were just trying to push him out of the spotlight. He was very close to Whitney at the time of her death and was privy to plenty of the late legend's secrets. As for Vices, she had one, he doesn't.

Dear Ted:
How is the adorable Zac Efron doing in his love life these days? Do you expect him to take Cannes by storm, or will he be a good boy for his girl back home?
—In Love With the Heartthrob

Dear Hurricane Zac:
His girl back home, you say? What girl might you be speaking of—yourself?! But maybe we can hope for some more hotel-balcony booty pics from our High School Musical alum, would that really be too much? His love life is fine, thankyouverymuch, and though he's not flaunting anything, I hear he's very content.

Dear Ted:
Kristin Dos Santos
is TV Girl, true, but you are Gossip Man. So, Chyler Leigh gets killed off Grey's. The Internet explodes with hate. Shonda defends herself by thinly alleging Chyler wanted off the show. If so: Did Chyler want more lines? Does she work with a Harriet Talons-ish stars who also want more lines (in their new contracts)? What's the E! True Hollywood Story behind the demise of Lexie Grey?
—Yep, It's Me, Sunflower

Dear Train Plane Wreck:
Harriet Talons on the Grey's set? Hardly (though not a horrible guess). As for how much the behind-the-scenes drama played into the small-screen death, it's nothing like the Isaiah Washington scandal of yesteryear. Sometimes people need to bite the dust to keep ratings alive, right?

Dear Ted:
What about Cher taking Jennifer Lopez's place on American Idol? God knows, she knows the music biz. Maybe too old?

Dear Diva for a Diva:
Only if she continues to wear outrageous outfits à la that gigantic afro she donned at the GLAAD awards. But that's basically a given. And while her addition may screw the judges' table a bit older (with Steven Tyler in his 60s), it would certainly give credibility. Also, hell, it'd just be fun to watch.

Dear Ted:
I know this is off your typically beaten path, but I'm starting to get concerned for director Steven Soderbergh's career. Haywire was a modest hit but hardly massive. And the promos for Magic Mike are, well, schizophrenic. That first trailer as a comedy-kind-of-romance (ostensibly because Tatum's last romance movies have done so well at the box office), but reading the synopsis that says "Mike, a seasoned stripper, takes a new performer named the Kid under his wing." Just that sentence right there would give anybody whiplash. Your take? (Other than Matt Bomer is sooo fine in that second promo!)

Dear Matt Bomer Is Sooo Fine:
Well it's true, isn't it?! But we'll leave talk about our Disney prince for another time. As for Magic Mike, I think it's all the marketing of the movie, not so much the movie itself. Studios are still under the backward idea that women will only go to the theater for mushy, lovey-dovey romance (i.e. that first trailer). If only they were paying attention to the Fifty Shades of Grey phenomenon, they'd know that sex really does sell.

Dear Ted:
OK, I was curious on if you have ever "eaten your words" and if so, were they yummy? I'm being tongue-in-cheek here, but I have to ask, what happened with Dianna Agron leaving Glee? These last six months it was always "adios Dianna." Of course, I realized plans change, but when Ryan Murphy announced that all regulars wanted to return, I was shocked. I thought Dianna was headed toward movies. Is that still the plan for the lovely starlet? What's the scoop Ted?
From Maurice (Hoping to See Dianna Become a Silver-Screen Star!)

Dear Gone but Not Forgotten:
Sure, Dianna may pop up from time to time in season four—it wouldn't be smart of her to spit on the show that made her a household name—but I'd hardly expect her to make Glee her numero uno priority. She's got bigger ambitions that don't include seeing Quinn become another lesson of the week. Just because Ry invited all the regulars to return hardly means that Di is going to be in every episode—if any. Get it?

Dear Ted:
Wow Joe Manganiello. What can you tell me about him? Any Vice there? Would love to lick those abs. Wouldn't he be amazing as Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey?

Dear Six Pack (and Then Some):
No Vice for the True Blood star, he's fairly tame behind-the-scenes—heck, his split from former fiancée Audra Marie was hardly scandalous. As for Fifty Shades, Joe's got that whole domineering thing down. And he'd probably do it, too.

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