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Happy graduation day, Gleeks!

The season-three finale was not messing around with its goodbye theme, and we got plenty of tear-jerking send-offs over the course of the hour. Plus, we got a lot of our burning questions answered. Who's definitely headed to New York City? Is Brittany graduating or not? Can Burt dance like his son Kurt? We got answers to what we really wanted to know, and so much more. Time to celebrate the end of Glee's third season, so stop procrastinating!


Goodbyes Hurt: Oh, Glee. When you want to tug the heartstrings, you pull so damn hard. Was it the callbacks to the pilot? Or the moving songs from Seniors to Juniors? Whatever it was, our eyes seemed to get rather wet with liquidy stuff we think might have been tears while watching this episode. We started this series with this core cast singing "Don't Stop Believing," and now we're watching them graduate! It was a lovely send-off, especially since our original New Directions got in a performance of "Sit Down You're Rocking the Boat." Ahhh, memories. And to hear Kurt (Chris Colfer) talk about inspiring other "tadpoles" to be out and proud and how much Finn (Cory Monteith) has changed? Our inner Gleek is getting all choked up! Which goodbye was your favorite? We were kind of partial to Quinn (Dianna Agron) and Sue (Jane Lynch).

Which Couples Will Make It: We aren't always onboard with Finn and Rachel because of all the crazy ups and downs they've been through, but tonight, we were a huge fan of Finchel. Finn made the right choice for his girl, and by letting her go and breaking up with her, he truly showed his love. And hot damn was Lea Michele amazing in the car scene, crying over her lost love, and crying for her new dreams in New York. In the end, she knew she had to leave Lima for NYADA, and she got the full Rachel Berry star sendoff: all her friends and Will (Matthew Morrison) seeing her off. Although Finn running after the train totally broke our heart. Think those two crazy kids will find each other again? Or will Rachel meet someone new in the city?

As for Kurt and Blaine, they agreed to try long distance, but Kurt didn't get into NYADA, so we're not sure what his plan is for next year. They were still together at the end of the episode, so that's a plus. Will they make it through the summer, considering Kurt will probably find another way to go to New York to chase his dream?


Adam Rose/FOX

Also a plus? Santana (Naya Rivera) deciding she's special, too, and making plans to also head to New York. But those plans don't include her girlfriend Brittany (Heather Morris), who flunked and has to repeat senior year. Will Santana stay or will she go? Her mom (guest star Gloria Estefan) wants her to get out of Lima, either to go to college or New York, but our last shot of Santana was a lingering look at a picture of her and Brittany, so we got another couple cliffhanger!

Oh, and Quinn and Puck (Mark Salling) kissed and were super cute together. But they're not getting back together, unless Puck suddenly gets into Yale. Sorry, Quick fans.

Plans for Next Season: Roz (NeNe Leakes) and Sue for Principal! Mike (Harry Shum Jr.) dancing in Chicago! Mercedes (Amber Riley) in Los Angeles as a backup singer! There are so many places Glee can take place in during season four. And we want to see at least one episode dedicated to catching up with the rest of New Directions next season. How else will we know if all the couples are making it work long distance?

Rewind moment: Duh! Burt (Mike O'Malley) doing the "Single Ladies" dance.


"We could use the wastebasket for the toilet. And then we could eat Joe for the food since she's been here the shortest so we know her the least."—Brittany

"When she was eight, she went trick-or-treating as Uncle Jesse on Full House. Spent two years growing out that hair. Business in the front, party in the back!"—Santana's mom

"That's quite an accomplishments for someone so old her ass went to high school with Moses."—Roz to Sue

"C minus! That's a Puckerman A plus!"—Puck

Well, this is the end of season three, Gleeks. What did you think of the finale? Head on down to the comments to share your thoughts, and we'll see you next season!

(Originally published May 22, 2012, at 7:31 p.m. PT)

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