Fifty Shades of Grey is the erotica of the moment, so of course celebs want to get in on the action!

While Kristen Stewart—along with her Snow White cohorts Charlize Theron and Chris Hemsworth—took a stab at some sexy monologues from the raunchy reader, Selena Gomez is actually getting to live it.

Well, in a Funny or Die spoof, that is.

You didn't actually think the Disney darling was into whips and chains, did you?!

But back to the Funny stuff: The clip starts with Selena reading Fifty Shades, though it appears she's only a short ways into the book. Which means she hasn't gotten to some of the more…uh, well…WTF-worthy sex scenes.

Cue: Nick Kroll's Carl Blue, a painter with a habit of coughing, picking belly button lint and just looking all around disgusting. But Selena's inner goddess—that's who's narrating, right?!—is enveloped into a world of Twilight-like longing stares and chewing on paint swatches.

And while we won't look at a caulk gun the same, we far prefer the Saturday Night Live parody from a couple weeks ago. Now that gave a whole new meaning to the genre "mommy porn."

But if this latest parody from sweet-as-pie Selena doesn't fully convince you that Fifty Shades is the hottest series of the moment, then check out the latest bestselling stats:

The pornographic prose has officially become one of the bestselling series of all time—no seriously, of all time.

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An "unprecedented" 10 million books have been sold in the trilogy (that figure includes trade paperbacks, eBooks and audiobooks) and reader demand continues to grow. "We have had to reprint the books on a weekly basis since publication," said Anthony Chirico, president of the Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group, "with some daily reprints topping 900 thousand copies."

We're hardly surprised!. When Justin Bieber's goody-too-shoes gal gets in on the erotica action, then you just know mommy porn is totally mainstream.

Think she'd be down to get really sexy in the actual film?! Nah, us neither. Here's hoping for Lily Collins in that erotic role!

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