Kristen Stewart, Breaking Dawn

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While Kristen Stewart fans may be focused these days on her fairy-tale fierceness in Snow White and the Huntsman, let's not forget that the final chapter of the Twilight franchise Breaking Dawn Part 2 is just six short months from hitting theaters.

As if we'd ever forget about BD! We can't wait to see Stewart as Robert Pattinson's newly minted vampire wife Bella.

So, is the 22-year-old actress' bloodsucking transformation everything we're hoping it will be?

"Vampire Bella is badass!" Noel Fisher, 28, who plays Romanian vampire Vladimir in the film, told us last night at the Hollywood Reporter's premiere of the new History Channel miniseries Hatfields & McCoys.

And it has a lot to do with her eyes—her fake red eyes, that is.

"I think one of the cool things about becoming a vampire is that the contacts really just add this whole other thing to it," Fisher said. "You catch glimpses of yourself walking by in a window and you're like, 'Ah! Oh, God!' Oh wait, they're contacts."

Jackson Rathbone (AKA, Jasper) told us earlier this year that Stewart had been excited about becoming a vampire. But then reality set in.

"We spent like five years in the white makeup and contacts and Kristen's always been like, 'I can't wait to do that,'" said Rathbone, 27. "But after about a week of it, it was more like, 'I'm done with the white makeup and contacts!'"

While Fisher may only appear in one of the five Twilight flicks, that didn't stop him from getting close with all of his Breaking Dawn costars. Gushing that working on the film was "really fun," Fisher also said, "My favorite thing about shooting the movie was being in Baton Rouge, almost all of us were at the same hotel, and everyone just got to become a little family."

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