Just Dance: Lady Gaga Plays Second Philippine Concert Despite Protests

Ignoring critics who claim her act is immoral, the pop diva goes ahead with her meat-filled stage show in the Philippine capital

By Josh Grossberg May 22, 2012 3:24 PMTags
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Lady Gaga was born this way and when it came to playing the Philippines, she wasn't afraid to be herself.

After getting the OK from authorities, Mama Monster went ahead with her second concert in Manila on her Born This Way Ball world tour Tuesday night despite rallying Christian youths who considered her act pornography and an offense to Jesus Christ for purportedly promoting homosexuality.

But the best news for Gaga? There was not a seat to be had in the house.

"If the show does go on as scheduled, I will perform the BTWBall alone," she tweeted earlier today, before adding: "And don't worry, if I get thrown in jail in Manila, Beyoncé will just bail me out. Sold out night 2 in the Philippines. I love it here!"

Luckily per the Manilla Bulletin, Gaga didn't need to go there after local officials including Pasay City Mayor Antonino Calixto said the Grammy winner did not violate the conditions of the special permit granted for the performance after the content, while provocative, was deemed part of artistic expression.

The "Poker Face" singer certainly didn't tone down her outrageous stage theatrics either after critics in this predominantly Catholic nation sought to have the gigs canceled and even held a prayer vigil outside the venue in protest.

Gaga emerged from a Gothic castle set astride a black unicorn surrounded by gun-toting dancers while at another point a wall of meat carcasses hung behind her while she flung herself headfirst into a fake grinder. Another bizarre moment saw the diva appear as a "headless bride" levitating over the stage.

And of course, Gaga donned her trademark bra with gun barrels for cones, uttered the occasional invective to get the audience dancing and alluded to her advocacy on behalf of the gay community when she urged her Little Monsters "to be free of who they are and to be proud, feel valued."

She played all her big songs and closed out the show with two of her most recent hits, "Marry the Night" and "Edge of Glory."

And for a brief hour and a half, by most accounts it was a glorious evening.