Black Eyed Peas' Carries Olympic Torch in England

Rapper added to the list of bearers for the relay

By Bruna Nessif May 22, 2012 3:00 AMTags
Will.i.amAP Photo/ Tim Ireland/PA

This is a bit of a surprise, isn't it?

Black Eyed Peas rapper was honored with carrying the Olympic flame today while shuffling (OK, he was running not shuffling, but that's what we picture in our heads) through the city of Taunton in southwest England.

However, he did do a little moonwalk.

The musician was a surprise addition to the torch relay today, but according to NBC News in Chicago, was aware that he'd carry the torch for almost a year, but was advised not to speak about it.

"It feels like a dream, right," told BBC, "It's something you always saw on TV growing up, so to be here today in the U.K. with all the hard work it took me to get to this level to be able to do that...and now I'm here in the U.K. running the torch. It's great."

Last Thursday, David Beckham helped bring the torch from Athens to Britain where it began its 70-day-long, 8,000-mile journey around the U.K., ending up at London's Olympic Stadium for the opening ceremony July 27. It will burn until the Aug. 12 closing ceremony.