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Forget the mirror—Maxim, Maxim, who's fairest of them all?!

The men's magazine has released their annual Hot 100 list (aka "The Definitive List of the World's Most Beautiful Women"), and the top 10 is full of the gals you'd expect (ya know: Megan Fox, Mila Kunis and Katy Perryduh).

But we couldn't help but notice a battle brewing between two of our favorite Snow White sirens:

No, it's not Kristen Stewart versus Lily Collins—it's K.Stew against her Snow White and the Huntsman evil queen, Charlize Theron.

Charlize cracked the top 20, landing at no. 16, with the magazine gushing that she's so "mind-bogglingly beautiful" they are "willing to overlook the fact that she's eerily good at playing a serial killer, an assassin, and now an evil queen."

And she was just barely bested by Snow herself, Kristen Stewart, who clocked in on the horny hundred at no. 15!

"The pain of watching Twilight was a little easier to bear with Kristen in the starring role," the magazine raves. "We're just a bit too excited by the thought of her battling Charlize Theron in Snow White and the Huntsman."

Well that battle starts now apparently!

While Kristen is no stranger to battling other chickies in these hotness competitions—for example, Rooney Mara and Jennifer Lawrence (who, BTW, placed No. 6 on this list)—we have a feeling there are going to be some strong opinions about these rankings.

Since Charlize and Kristen's fairy-tale flick revolves around who's fairest on the inside, are we to trust Maxim's rankings of whose skin-deep hotness is fairest of them all?! The magazine did, after all, allow readers to weigh in this year.

Awful's Snow White Sexiness Poll!
Is Kristen Stewart really fairer than Charlize Theron?!

So now, loyal A.T. readers, it's your turn to chime in: Is Ms. Stewart deserving of her Theron trumping? Or would you switch the gorgeous gals' rankings, voting Charlize the hotter of the two? Sound off below!

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