Gary Dourdan

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

As we told you this morning, former CSI star Gary Dourdan was facing a serious ultimatum: fly back from Europe in time for an afternoon court date or go to jail.

So did he make it in time?

Fortunately, the gods of air travel were on Dourdan's side.

Not only did the 45-year-old make the time cut-off, but he arrived to the preliminary hearing in his domestic violence case 45 minutes before the 2:30 deadline, which caused Los Angeles Judge Stephanie Sautner to recall his bench warrant.

"How's the jet lag?" Sautner asked Dourdan, who flew in from Frankfurt following a shoot in Morocco, as he entered the court. 

"Hasn't hit me yet," responded the actor, sporting a black blazer and jeans. 

Outside, a relieved Dourdan told E! News that he is "ready for this all to be over." He has previously proclaimed his innocence in the case involving an alleged altercation with an ex-girlfriend.

A new trial date for Dourdan set for June 7.

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