While our beloved Kristen Stewart may have recently told Elle magazine that she feels "boring," there's nothing dull in our eyes about inspiring the S&M saga of the year (yes, we're talking about Twilight fanfic-turned-bestseller Fifty Shades of Grey).

And now Bella Swan herself has put her voice to Anastasia Steele's inner goddess. Along with a little help from her Snow White and the Huntsman costars:

In what might surely be the best thing to come out of the SWATH promotional tour, MTV's Josh Horowitz rounded up the fairy tale flick's stars to join him on a little segment he calls "Erotica."

"I haven't bought it yet. I'm kind of dying to read it," K.Stew dished about Fifty Shades when asked to read a passage. "I can't believe I'm doing this!"

And, with that, Kristen, Charlize TheronChris Hemsworth and Sam Claflin try their hand at reading aloud E.L. James' naughty tales. But it's Kristen, really, who has the deepest connection to the work.

Remember, E.L. has said that her sordid tale of whips and chains was inspired by the Twilight alter-egos of none other than Kristen and BF Robert Pattinson.

"No, I haven't. And it's not because—I am interested, I guess," Kristen revealed when asked whether she had ever ready the erotica inspired by her vampy love life. "It's just, I've not Googled that one yet."

And she might not be taking to the web anytime soon...

Kristen (who got giggly reading the line "oh-so-happy trail") joked, "I've seen people read this on airplanes and I'm always like 'Ew...take that blanket off your lap, you freak!'...That's intense."

A sentiment her Huntsman—that'd be Mr. Hemsworth—echoed.

"I'm all hot and sweaty!" he laughed after taking a glimpse at some of the pages. "Brilliant. It works!"

And while rumors are currently swirling about a SWATH prequel centered on Chris' character, the lusty folks among us are probably far more curious if he'll take on the mysterious Christian Grey. Though, in the interview, he says yes, we're thinking no.

Especially since he can't seem to get through a sentence without blushing—a problem we're positive R.Pattz wouldn't have!

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