Kate Gosselin and her eight are doing great.

"We're doing awesome," the former reality TV star turned coupon blogger told Ann Curry during an appearance on NBC's Today show this morning. "The kids are doing great in school. Everyone is excelling at school, across the board. It's amazing."

So, what about the possibility of actually seeing all that reading, writing and 'rithmetic in action? Could Kate and her little ones eventually make it back into our living rooms?

"They really, honestly miss filming," Kate shared. "They recently have been saying, 'When are we going to go here or there?' They miss the crew. So, with our TLC contract now over, we're hoping to move forward and do more fun projects."

And while it's probably safe to say ex-husband Jon Gosselin won't be a part of whatever "projects" might develop, Kate did admit that her relationship with the father of her children is on pretty solid ground right now.

"I can honestly say it's more peaceful than it's ever been," she said. "He's been really positive and more available and it's just less stressful. I feel like he's working with me, and the kids notice it—and that's good because I've always wanted peace for them."

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