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Whether you're already prepared for the end or are sitting pretty in Denial Land, House is airing its last episode tonight. And it'll be just as emotional as you expect an eight-season send-off to be.

When the cast of House wrapped, they celebrated with a swanky party, which we totally crashed so we could get last goodbyes and finale scoop. Ready to reap the rewards of our carpet stalker ways? (OK, we were invited, but it's fun to pretend we're spies.)

Ready for lots of gushing about how much they'll miss each other? Here it comes:

"It is very sad," Hugh Laurie told us. "But it's one of those things. I mean, nothing goes on forever. We knew this would happen, from the first day we knew this would happen. So the fact that we've come this far and lasted this long is an amazing and joyous thing for which we should be extremely grateful, and are by the way. We are very grateful."

And this is where the tears started for us. And they kept flowing as we spoke to Robert Sean Leonard.

"It's been a great run. For me the most exciting part of this job has always been the people because the one thing I have missed in my life is any kind of continuity," Leonard said. "I'm a theater actor, so I'm used to jobs lasting about six months. So coming into work and seeing the same people for eight years has been very unique and for me enjoyable and I'll miss that."

OK, enough of the crying and let's get on with the scooping. Only one episode left, so for the last time: Here's what the cast told us about the series finale of House.

"I think fans are going to be really into it, not pleasantly surprised but surprised," Omar Epps teased. "They're going to be emotional, they're going to laugh. It's pretty incredible if I do say so myself."

"I think fans will really like it," Leonard promised. "I was impressed, and David [Shore], the show's creator, took me aside a few months ago and told me the basic idea of it, and I think it's really apt the way the show wraps up. It suits what the show has been for eight years. I think it's a good way to go."

When we asked him if the series ends with House and Wilson hopefully walking off into the sunset, Leonard compared the two to another beloved pair. "There is something very Pooh and Piglet about that! I would say not quite. It's a surprise and we like it."

The series finale of House airs tonight on Fox.

How do you hope House ends its eight seasons? Is there any hope for House and Wilson? Check out our full interiews with the whole cast and creator David Shore above, then head to the comments to say your goodbyes!

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