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Finale season is in full swing, and the roller-coaster plot twists and cliffhangers aren't stopping now. Especially with big finales from both Glee and House happening this week!

So just what's in store for House and Glee fans tonight and tomorrow? Plus, Shonda Rhimes has a couple more things to say about the next season of Grey's Anatomy. All that, plus White Collar, Grimm, True Blood and more in today's serving of Spoiler Chat…

Lisa: Can you describe Glee's finale in three words or less?
"Cry your eyes out." Wait. That was four words. Sorry, we're not so good with the numbers.

Monica: Any scoop on my favorite Glee couple, Mike and Tina, for the upcoming finale? I need a happy ending for one of my favorite TV couples—I'm still utterly devastated over Mark and Lexie's tragic ending on Grey's.
Ugh, we hear ya. We don't know when we'll get over the season finale of Grey's Anatomy. Not anytime soon. But back to your question about Mike (Harry Shum Jr.) and Tina (Jenna Ushkowitz). Even though the finale will focus a lot on the graduating seniors and setting up season four, Glee will not forget about the longest-running couple in New Directions. They'll get their moment.

Stuart: Please tell me House and Wilson get time together in the series finale? Last week's episode killed me.
We are sworn to secrecy about the outcome of House and Wilson's tragic bromance, but how about we let the cast and creator of House talk to you guys about the finale? Stand by for that in a bit.



Riley: Thanks for the interview with Shonda Rhimes, even though she broke my heart with the finale. Can you spill anything else about Grey's next season? Maybe if there is hope for April and Jackson?
Sure, we'll squeeze out this last bit of scoop, but only because we are still in too much emotional pain to do otherwise. "The chief, Owen and Callie are the only people alive and definitely still working at the hospital," Rhimes reminds us. "Bailey's husband is moving to L.A. Five people are still in the forest. Jackson and Alex have taken jobs elsewhere. April Kepner doesn't have a job. So, I can't give anybody reassurances about anything because we don't know who is going to be at the hospital next season."

Marcie: Loved the Grimm finale! Is it too early to ask for season-two scoop?
Well, since we've got some Grimm season-two info, of course not! The first episode of next season will be called "Bad Teeth," and yes, it is as scary as it sounds. Especially since Grimm is looking for someone to play a "saber-toothed killing machine who is virtually unstoppable." Yikes.

Brant in Chicago: Since network TV is pretty much done, it's time to focus on my summer pleasure—True Blood!
We love the way you think! And we are just so in love with the sound of this new True Blood character: a slimy and conniving "vampire security guard" who has amused contempt for the person he's guarding. Whom do you think he's assigned to? 

CSI: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION, Marg Helgenberger, Jorja Fox, Ted Danson


Sawyer: Since CSI was renewed for another season, any chance we'll get Catherine Willows back for a couple episodes?
We have on good authority to believe that Marg Helgenberger would love to come back but hasn't been asked yet. How do we know? Duh, she told us! Don't worry, we've got a pretty good feeling we'll see Willows suit up again next season.

Brooke: White Collar please!
Tiffani Thiessen promises exotic locales in the next season of White Collar, meaning the show will start season four outside of New York. As long as it involves Matt Bomer in a bathing suit, we are in. And Thiessen tells us that we'll see a couple different sides of Elizabeth, plus more fun with Mozzie (Willie Garson), of course!

—Additional reporting by Jenna Mullins

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