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Money troubles, family troubles and old friends show up, but what sends Don Draper (Jon Hamm) and Joan Harris (Christina Hendricks) to day drinking out of the office? And why is Lane Prycein deep trouble? 

What happened on the latest episode of Mad Men? Find out now:


God Save the Queen: Lane (Jared Harris) owes some big bucks to the Royal Crown. He hasn't been paying his taxes across the pond, so the best solution is Christmas bonuses for everyone at SCDP! That plan was shot down, so naturally the next step is forgery and embezzling. No good shall come from that move.

Harry Krishna: Paul Kinsey (Michael Gladis), copywriter from years past, is back and very changed. Harry (Rich Sommer) visits him for some Hare Krishna chanting. Paul is bald, in love and has dreams of being a TV writer. Ha! Mad Men gets meta when Harry sends him off to Los Angeles with $500, a not-so-good Star Trek spec script and a dream. Who wants to bet creator Matt Weiner has had to give that, "It's just not very good" speech to many young writers? 

Child Support: So apparently Joan is refusing to accept child support payments from Roger (John Slattery) for their little love child. But she gets something bigger delivered at the office: divorce papers. Before she murders the receptionist, Don swoops her away for some car shopping and day drinking. Things that always go together. Don and Joan's chemistry is ridiculous in their bar talk. And we can't help but wish that he was back to his old bad self. 

Off Off Broadway: Don seems to be suffering without his wife at work. Is he bored or just missing Megan (Jessica Paré)? But that fight and fire is back when she is not pleased at his all day role as Joan's wingman. Can Don only be good at one thing? Is the choice between husband or advertising man? We saw a glimmer of old Don when he became determined to land the Jaguar account. Welcome back, Don!


"You and me in midtown, you with that look on your face?" —Joan

"My mother raised me to be admired." —Joan

"You're going to need to define some of these pronouns if you want me to keep listening." —Don

"Because you're an idiot!" —Joan

"Mr. Sterling, seeing as you're dressed for fishing, you'll have more success if you are quiet." —Joan

"Well no one's made a stronger stand against advertising than you." —Don

"You're the worst girlfriend in the world." —Harry

"You like to get mad. That's what gets you going." —Don

Is Don ready to be bad again? Did Lane screw up royally? Were you surprised to see Paul back? Sound off in the comments!

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