Corey Feldman

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Corey Feldman is so over standing by an acquaintance who shacked up in his home and refused to leave.

The 40-year-old Stand By Me star had a woman arrested at his home Friday night, after she allegedly violated a stay-away order the thesp had against her, E! News has confirmed.

"I'm very afraid right now....I have a psycho stalker living in my house. California laws protect these people. [My son] Zen and I need protection," Feldman tweeted Friday.

Feldman had originally allowed the woman to stay in his home for an undisclosed amount of time, but when he decided he wanted her to leave, she refused.

Because of a squatter's rights law in California, Feldman wasn't able to kick her out immediately, but after finding a loophole and filing a stay-away order, that soon changed.

Later on Friday Feldman hit Twitter, writing: "PSYCHO STALKER UPDATE: SHE IS CURRENTLY BEHIND BARS!!! Lets hope she stays there for a while. Thank U all 4 your LOVE n SUPPORT thru this!!"

Feldman's spokeswoman Stacy Hess went on to further express how happy the actor was to put the ordeal behind him, telling E! News, "Corey is grateful to his fans who have shown their love and support through Facebook and Twitter as he and his son Zen have endured this frightening and stressful event."

"After going through this, Corey now realizes that California really needs to re-examine its laws pertaining to squatter's rights...If you don't want someone in your home, you should have the right to throw them out."

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