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There sure is a lot of community within the Community cast!

Although NBC no longer wanted Community creator Dan Harmon as the sitcom's showrunner—it sure seems like the cast does! 

After the departure of the NBC comedy's creator was officially announced Friday, and Harmon took to his Tumblr a day later to explain what really went down was that he "got fired," the time has come for cast members including Joel McHale, Gillian Jacobs and Yvette Nicole Brown to do what all actors do when they want to speak their minds: tweet!

So how does the cast of the hit show feel? Bummed, man, and forever thankful.

McHale, whose character the show revolves around, tweeted: "You are a true genius. You gave me the role of a lifetime & three of the best years of my life. Buying #Prototype2 today."

Agreeing with Joel, Gillian, aka Britta on the show, expressed: "I wholeheartedly agree with @joelmchale. I'm so grateful to @danharmon for my role, the show and everything else. Thank you, Dan. Thank you."

Yvette further fueled the love for Harmon by tweeting: "So many thoughts. So little room. I guess, ‘I heart you' and ‘Thank you to INFINITY' will have to do for now. #Community #Love"

However, although obviously saddened by their loss of Harmon as showrunner, castmembers Alison Brieand Jim Rash stayed true to the lightheartedness that is Community.

Allison tweeted: "heavy sigh…," along with a fan's gif of her and the caption: "Dan Harmon is a genius and I will die protecting his vision."

And as for fellow costar Jim, who joined the cast during season three, he praised Harmon's intelligence, tweeting: "Bless ur dementedly awesome brain, @danharmon. U r #Community."

However, it's writer/producer Emily Cutler, who sums up the cast and crew's feelings in one complete short and sweet tweet: "There is no #Community without @danharmon. Period."

All hail Harmon! But we wonder how incoming show runners David Guarascio and Moses Port are feeling?!

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