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Celebrities not being forthcoming about their age? Say it ain't so?!

But count us gobsmacked that one of those offenders is Loretta Lynn, especially given her legendary life story.

Legend might be the key word here.

According to a published report, it turns out the country music icon is actually three years older than what she's been telling people all her life, which would effectively quash her claim to have married at the age of 13—an account chronicled in the 1980 biopic Coal Miner's Daughter—though it wouldn't change the fact that she was still a teen bride.

Previously, Lynn was thought to be 77 years old, but the new revelations, which surfaced after a search of her birth certificate at Kentucky's Office of Vital Statistics in Frankfort, revealed the singer is actually 80, born April 14, 1932—not 1935 as she led folks to believe.

Not only that, but the investigation also uncovered a marriage license signed by Lynn and two affidavits filed in 1965 by her mother, Clara Marie Ramey, and S. W. Ward Jr., who was not related, which listed the same birth date. Further proof was discovered in the Kentucky Historical Society, which kept a digital copy of the 1940 census, that stated Melvin Webb, the singer's father, had a daughter named Loretta aged 7.

Put it all together and Lynn was actually 15, not 13 years old (which would have been illegal under Kentucky law) when she swapped vows with 21-year-old Oliver Lynn Jr., better known as Doolittle Lynn, on Jan. 10, 1948.

What's a few years, give or take?

Of course, as anyone knows from seeing the 1980 movie that won Sissy Spacey a Best Actress Oscar for playing her, Lynn had four children by the time she was 18 (make that 20 now).

Nancy Russell, Lynn's rep, was out of the office and could not be reached for comment. But the Blue Kentucky Girl did discuss her age, albeit obliquely, in her 2001 memoir, aptly titled Coal Miner's Daughter.

"When I was born, Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the president for several years. That's the closest I'm gonna come to telling my age in this book, so don't go looking for it," she wrote. "I'm trying to make a living singing songs. I don't need nobody out there saying, 'She don't look bad considering she's such-and-such years old.'"

We're pretty sure the controversy won't affect the upcoming Broadway musical version of Coal Miner's Daughter slated to star Zooey Deschanel in the title role.

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