Will Smith

No one gets fresh with this prince and gets away with it.

While walking the red carpet today in Moscow for that city's premiere of Men in Black 3, Will Smith found himself on the wrong end of an aggressively amorous reporter's lips.

Too bad there's no magic button to push to erase this particular encounter from his memory. So how did this crazy incident go down?

The brief interaction took place at the start of Smith's red carpet walk, when a Ukranian reporter asked Smith for a hug. Ever the accommodating movie star, Smith obliged: "Of course," the actor said.

And then no doubt regretted it as said reporter tried to get a little too jiggy with Will.

"Oh, there you go. Oh, hey man," Smith said, pushing the reporter away when the hug turned into an attempted full-on kiss. "Come on, man. What the hell is your problem, buddy? Hey. Sorry, he tried to kiss me in my mouth. This joker's lucky I didn't sucker-punch him."

There was no immediate comment from Smith's publicist.

A source on the scene who witnessed the whole bizarre encounter told E! News that the reputed professional caught Smith off guard and acted "super inappropriately."

And despite sensationalized claims that Smith counter-attacked the man, the source said Smith was simply acting instictively and meant no malice.

"His hand flew up. He did not want to hit or punish the guy. It was a light incident. Nothing was delayed and no one was escorted out. Will laughed it off and moved on."

Indeed, in red carpet footage taken just seconds after the strange interaction, Smith was seen smiling with reporters and joking about the incident.

"It's all good," he told the next questioner.

And despite the unexpected PDA attempt, Smith soldied on and completed the entire press line, signing autographs for fans before going into the theater.

"It was very light-hearted," the eyewitness reported.

Way to be a good sport, Will.

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