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Whatever happened to no shirt, no service?

If you're Rihanna and you happen to look like this in an itty-bitty bando top and see-through skirt, you can bet that any restaurant on Earth will trash that rule and seat you right in the front window.

Hell, they'll probably pay you just to walk in the door—assuming they don't mistakenly ask how much you charge for a hand job...

The singer sure does love to show off her ta-tas and booty—not that we're complaining.

And in case you're wondering if the girl is so desperate to compete with Lady Gaga that she forewent underwear, the answer is no. According to people who spotted Ri-Ri as she entered the Ristorante di Giorgio Baldi earlier this week, there were pants under there, albeit flesh-colored ones.

The "Where Have You Been" singer has a big screen debut this week via the boat blowup movie Battleship. Maybe she lost the rest of her wardrobe after someone sank her destroyer?

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