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Are there about to be some girl fights on Glee and The Vampire Diaries?!

We chatted with stars from each series, who teased that tensions will be running high on their respective shows. So how does Gloria Estefan fit into the equation?! 

And what good news do we have to share about Supernatural? And what's in store for Hart of Dixie's love triangle when the CW charmer returns in season two? We've got answers to all those questions, plus scoop on Scandal, True Blood, Necessary Roughness and more in today's edition of Spoiler Chat...

Amy: How is Bonnie going to react when she finds out Elena is now a vampire on TVD?!?!
Eh, considering she hates vampires and almost ended her friendship with Caroline (aka the greatest vampire ever) when she was turned? Probably not so great. "I'm really interested to see Bonnie's reaction to Elena becoming a vampire. I don't imagine her taking it too well," Kat Graham tells us. "She's kind of cleaning up a lot of mess and making a lot of decisions she didn't necessarily plan on making. I don't know how that's going to factor into how she deals and feels about Elena."

Reggie: Can't wait to see Gloria Estefan on Glee! I really hope she confronts her mother about the things she said to Santana when she came out.
You and Gloria Estefan both, Reggie! "I would hope so," Gloria says of possible face-off between Santana's mother and grandmother. "I put that bug in Brad Falchuk's ear!" If Naya Rivera is to return next season, Gloria tells us she'd be more than happy to make another appearance. "I would love to, that would be great," she says. "Are you kidding me?!" Yeah, she's a total Gleek, y'all!

Chloe: Got any True Blood scoop?
Is there a vampire vs. human war heating up in Bon Temps? Casting is underway for a "tough as nails" general who is reminiscent of the Gulf War's very public Stormin' Norman.


Greg Gayne/The CW

Ampdalejr89: Would love to know what Hart of Dixie season 2 has in store. More specifically what's going to happen with George/Zoe/Wade?
"The competition over Zoe is going to really heat up," Wilson Bethel teases. "I feel like all the seeds have been planted." Scott Porter adds that the triangle is "now squarely on Zoe's shoulders. She's going to have to make a lot of decisions." No pressure, girl!

Cattywinchester: Supernatural!!!! Let us know what day they are putting Supernatural on next season! Please?
Where have you been, woman?! Supernatural is now airing Wednesday at 9 p.m. after Arrow. Um, two hours of hot boys kicking villain booty? Yes, please! As if the shift away from Friday night wasn't enough Supernatural goodness for ya, CW president Mark Pedowitz says he's not looking at next season as the drama's "final year in any way, shape or form."

Grace: Scandal's finale last night was amazing!! What can we expect to see in season two?
More scenes between Olivia and one of the members of her team! "That's the one I'm looking forward to getting more information on," Kerry Washington says of the relationship between Olivia and Harrison. Hm…could a romance be in the works now that Olivia ended things with Fitz? We shall see!


Patrick McElhenney/FOX

Veronica: Please tell me Nick and Jess will get together in New Girl's second season!
Nothing would make us happier than to report that the adorable duo are going to be getting together when the Fox hit returns. Alas, that would make us liars as we hear that there are no plans for Nick and Jess to get together any time soon. The good news? The cast and crew know it's going to have to happen eventually. Translation: enjoy the burn, the slow burn. 

Sanford: You never give us any Necessary Roughness scoop. Feel free to make it up to the show's loyal fans at any time!
Let's start a prayer circle for T.K., people! A new doctor is going to be coming into to treat T.K., but treat probably isn't the right word. Slick and successful, Dr. Holland is about as untrustworthy as someone can get.

—Additional reporting by Tierney Bricker & Christina Dowling

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