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Are you ready, Grey's Anatomy fans? The day of reckoning season finale is finally here, and if you weren't nervous enough, let Chandra Wilson scare you into thinking that absolutely no one is safe—contract renewals or not.

What does Wilson say about our favorite characters' chances of survival? Do those contract talks really rule out those actors from our death poll? Find out now:

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We caught up with Grey's star Chandra Wilson as she teamed up with Downy Touch of Comfort to deliver handmade quilts to children in Montefiore Hospital in the Bronx, N.Y. Wilson warns us that the finale will be traumatic: "Grey's is known for the way we end our seasons, and this will certainly continue that tradition. It will compare as far as how dynamic it is, but the ride is even harder. Even harder."

Watch Chandra Wilson dish on tonight's season finale. Plus, is there hope for Ben and Bailey's romance?

Grab your Costco-size box of tissues. "There are sad things that will happen," Wilson understates. "There are fun things that will happen, if you can believe that." Honestly, we might be too busy ugly-crying to notice the fun parts.

Wilson confirms that they do lose one of their characters on the show, but could she rule out those folks who are poised to return next season? She warns us to be certain about the wording: "Or did it say something more ambiguous than that? Confirmed for next season? I'm not sure about that." Wilson laughs.

She won't even rule out the possibility of Bailey's demise: "I'm just saying the wording was a little more ambiguous than that." Oh dear, we're going to have to make another poll!

Are you ready for the tragic Grey's finale? Who do you think will die? Group hug in the comments!

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