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A lot happened in the season finale of Once Upon a Time: curses were broken, lives were saved and kissing occurred.

But what's one thing we didn't get? A reunion between Emma and her parents, Snow White and Prince Charming! So will viewers finally get to see the long-awaited exchange when the ABC hit returns in season two? And what's ahead for a certain couple on Grey's Anatomy?

Plus, we've got epic Game of Thrones scoop, intel on a Happy Endings guest star's return, Glee gossip and more in today's edition of Spoiler Chat...

Flytheocean: We will see the Charming family's first real reunion in the s2 premiere of OUAT, yes?
"I'm hoping for a family reunion!" Ginnifer Goodwin tells us of Once Upon a Time's second season, while Jennifer Morrison spills that she's been told that Emma will be "exploring the relationship with her mother now that she knows who her mother is."

snow_bluebird: Magic is back Regina will be powerful again, is she not afraid of Rumpel's revenge?
While Lana Parilla couldn't tell us too much, she says viewers will see a more evil side of Regina and yet continue to see flickers of humanity. "A combination of both," she teases. "I think she softened with her relationship with Henry. I think she's afraid to lose him!"

Zooey in Dallas: Please just gimme anything you've got on the Glee season finale!
Sorry, we've been a little busy over here eating comfort food, ugly crying and using our sleeves as tissues. Why you may ask? This. Also, stay tuned for some finale scoop courtesy of Gloria Estefan, whom we're chatting with later today!

Chandra Wilson, Grey's Anatomy


Melissa: I can't even think about the big death in the Grey's finale, so I want to know about Bailey and Ben!
Chandra Wilson
loves getting to play this softer side of Bailey, but the proposal last week and the whole leaving Seattle bomb puts Ben and Bailey's relationship on the rocks. Will Bailey consider leaving Seattle or will she be gaining some frequent flier miles? Wilson promises—despite death and a plane crash—there is room in the finale for a little more relationship closure, "It's safe to say she will react in Bailey style."

Andie: Please tell me Happy Endings is going to drop the whole Penny and Dave thing next season!
You might be in luck "Peve" hater as Casey Wilson tells us Penny might be too busy with someone else in season three to think about Dave. "I think Brian Austin Green who played Penny's love interest might be coming back!" 9021-OH YEAH! (Yes, we hate ourselves for that, too.)

Darren: Any Game of Thrones scoop you can spare? I can't believe the season's almost over already!
Prepare to be blown away by the infamous Battle of the Blackwater, which is set to take place in episode nine. "I'm really excited to see a certain battle that happens," Richard Madden tells us. "Season one viewers were a bit mad that they didn't get to see enough of the battle, but anyone that missed out on the battle last year is not going to be disappointed with the battle this year. It's going to be awesome." We're already counting down the days, King in the North!

White Collar, Matthew Bomer

USA/David Giesbrecht

Tim: Any White Collar scoop? I miss Neal & Co.
Friends that rob museums together stay together. At least that's how we think the saying goes. Showrunner Jeff Eastin confirmed Alex (Gloria Votsis) will return. And we know she'll be running interference for Neal (Matt Bomer) as they infiltrate a museum. What's Neal's disguise? One of the world's most famous faceless graffiti artists, of course. If no one knows who Banksy really is, who is to say it isn't actually Neal?

Lauren in Brea, Calif.: The season finale of Suburgatory was hilarious and Alicia Silverstone needs to stay forever and ever and ever...
And ever! This mini Clueless reunion needs to stay put because we still have so many questions that still need answers! Is Cher still a virgin who can't drive? And did Elton ever find his Cranberries CD in the quad? Luckily, we recently sat down with Alicia and asked her if she'd be interested in "rollin' with the homies" again in season two, "I'm open to all possibilities!" She tells us with a smile, "It's left in a kind of neat way where you don't really know what's going to happen. I think it leaves that door open so we can see what the future holds."

—Additional reporting by Tierney Bricker, Christina Dowling and Leanne Aguilera

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