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One week from tonight, confetti will be falling on the winner of American Idol, and it's anyone's guess who will walk away with the title.

After hometown visits and an intense week of rehearsals, the semifinals crackled with a three-round performance showdown between the contestants, all hoping to secure a spot in next week's finale. 

So, what did the final three have to say about the last elimination of the season looming on the horizon, Steven Tyler's winning prediction and the news of Jennifer Lopez's potential exit from Idol? Check out what they spilled—and didn't spill—to us after the show!  

The race to the finale is heating up and the pressure is higher than ever, but from the relaxed demeanor of Phillip Phillips, Joshua Ledet and Jessica Sanchez, you would have thought it was just three people hanging out, smiling, laughing and enjoying their time onstage. 

It's going to be tough night of voting for fans because there weren't any really bad performances. Sure, Phillip's "Disease" was seen as a bit of a snooze by the judges, and Randy Jackson wasn't crazy about Jessica's Jackson 5, but overall the final three killed it. Steven even said Jessica would be the last one standing, which raised some eyebrows in the audience. When we caught up with the three backstage they reflected on their performances and Steven's prediction.

"I feel really good about tonight," Joshua told us. "I was so nervous going up and performing my songs. I was nervous going up there to perform three songs that I had to learn the lyrics to, and just bringing that all onstage was kind of tough. Steven saying Jessica could be the last one standing, I think he was legit because she's amazing. I want to win, but at this point we're all winners. I'm not saying I don't care, but I would be just as happy to see one of my friends win, Jessica or Phillip."

As excited as Jessica was to get that extra boost of confidence, she said it doesn't mean much since it's up to voters to keep her from going home. 

"It's top three," she said. "I'm just trying to enjoy the moment. Anyone can win at this moment. I love hearing that [I could be the last one standing], but America is the one that votes, so we'll just see what happens."

"See what happens" is exactly what fans will have to do when it comes to Jennifer's return to Idol next season. It's hard to believe the rumor is true, considering how at home she seems week after week sitting between Randy and Steven. So, what's the word? Unfortunately, there isn't one. The show publicists were adamant in telling the attending press that the contestants would be pulled away if asked any questions regarding Jennifer. And they did just that more than once in the 15 minutes the contestants were in the press tent. Eep! Does the gag order mean it's a sure thing that Jennifer is out? Only time will tell, but sometimes silence says more than any spoken word. However, Phillip did sneak in his most memorable Jennifer moment of the season.

 "Jennifer saying that song I sang was sexy," he said with a smile. 

Speaking of Phillip, he had a phenomenal end to the show and seemed a little dazed when we had a chance to chat with him.

"It was a crazy night," he said. "Everyone had a great night. I just did something and had fun. We're all so numb because there's nothing we can feel since it's almost over. We pray before we go onstage and tonight we just talked about how much fun we're gonna have. It's not a competition, everyone is so different.  I'm not the best singer, but I love having fun with the music."

Who do you think will be going home Thursday night? Who would you like to see take Jennifer's place at the judges table? Let us know in the comments!

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