Sacha Baron Cohen

Dave J Hogan/Getty Images

Who would have thought Sacha Baron Cohen could ever be upstaged?

Well, that's just what happened at the start of the Cannes Film Festival on Wednesday when a camel managed to steal the spotlight from the comedic actor.

As a way to promote his new movie The Dictator, Cohen, in character as Admiral General Aldeen, arrived at the famed Carlton Hotel for a photo op along with two attractive female military personnel wearing short skirts and berets. Soon after, a camel was brought over for the star to mount.

As Cohen began to make his way onto the animal, he quickly lost his balance, started to fall backward and almost fell completely off before catching himself and eventually getting back into proper position.

Once securely in place, Cohen and his camel proceeded to make their way down the Croisette surrounded by fans and photographers.

The Dictator opens worldwide today. Time will tell, of course, if such attention-grabbing stunts will help with the box office. If so, Cohen knows whom to thank.

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