Tick-tock, tick-tock!

The countdown to Revenge's highly anticipated season finale is officially on, people! The ABC hit series is closing out its breakout first season with "a major explosion" and a possible shift in the hot love triangle between Emily (Emily VanCamp), Daniel (Josh Bowman) and Jack (Nick Wechsler)! Plus, what final trick does Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) have up her sleeve?

So what can fans expect from Revenge's finale next week? And which guy will Emily be sharing "a beautiful moment" with in tonight's episode? We chatted with Emily, Josh and Madeleine at the EW/ABC upfront party to get all the scoop...

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"Oh my god, so much happens!" Emily teases of the finale. "It was like multiple cliffhangers. We read the script and our jaws were all dropping in the read-through. It was insane."

Madeleine adds, "I think the audience is going to be in for quite a shock. Let's just say there's going to be a major explosion!"

By now we all know there's a major death in the finale, one that Josh admits he was shocked by but at the same time says, "Nothing surprises us anymore on the show. If it was me dying, I would've been like, 'All right, I had a good season. It's been fun!' Mike [Kelley] is so good at keeping us as actors on the cusp of what's happening."

Emily teases, "There's a really good fight coming up in the last episode, which I had a lot of fun with." So who might Emily be battling in the final two episodes? Why, the man that killed her father, of course!! "The white-haired man is in town, and he's become a villain not to reckon with," she says ominously. "I mean, he's really, really great, a wonderful character, and I hope he comes back as a villain because he's great."

As for tonight's episode? Emily teases that it should make fans rooting for Emily to be with Jack very happy. "We have a beautiful moment between Emily and Jack that's born out of tragedy and grief but is really beautiful," she tells us. "[It's] one of my favorite moments of the season, to be honest, and I think probably one of the moments that people have been looking forward to the most."

So will Emily be marrying Jack in the flash-forward to Emily's wedding that will kick off season two that Kelley told us about? "I don't know. I don't know if I would trust what Mike Kelley says about that wedding," Emily tells us. "He brings it up a lot, but I don't know. Nothing is ever as it seems, and I think that things always change!" As for Bowman, he has no idea either, saying, "I don't know who that's to!"

Finally, Madeleine teases that Victoria isn't done causing mayhem yet and may just be saving the best for last. "Her final action at the end of the season finale is a chance for her to make up for everything she's done, and it goes very awry," she says. So what's Lady Grayson's end game then? "There are multiple end games," Madeleine explains. "I think she's very Lady Macbeth in a sense that she's very driven and she's very ambitious and she wants to protect her family, but she also wants her to redeem herself."

To hear more from Emily, Josh and Madeleine, including their thoughts on moving to Sunday at 9 p.m. next fall, watch our interviews with them above! Then head on down to the comments to get your Revenge speculation on: Who's dying? Who will Emily choose?

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