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We know they're set to mentor Kurt and Rachel, but are Sarah Jessica Parker and Kate Hudson coming to Glee to steal Will away from Emma, too?!

That's the question we asked Matthew Morrison, and his answer might just surprised you! Plus, we talked to a Grey's Anatomy star about tomorrow's highly anticipated finale and have some juicy info on Scandal's, well, scandalous season-ender as well.

We've also got scoop on the new seasons of True Blood, Pretty Little Liars and Teen Wolf and a Gossi Girl romance update...

RH_1997: Wemma scoop please!
Warning, Wemma fans: You may want to take a deep breath before reading this: "Please, please, please!" Matthew Morrison says (while clasping his hands together like he's praying!) when we asked if Shue will be cheating on Emma with Sarah Jessica Parker or Kate Hudson when they visit Glee in season four. "I don't know. I mean, I just found out about this, so this is pretty exciting!"

Samantha: Can you tell us anyone who will be returning to Glee in season four! I'm dying to know!
Prepare for more awesome one-liners courtesy of Coach Roz Washington. Though she's set to costar in Ryan Murphy's new NBC comedy The New Normal (someone has a favorite from The Real Housewives!), NeNe Leakes tells us she will be back. "I'm going to still to do Glee and I'm going to do New Normal and possibly still be a Housewife! I'm going to try and balance it all if I can." Talk about a triple threat!

Elainecorreal: The season finale of Grey's Anatomy sounds insane? What can you tell us?
Stock up on Kleenex, people!  "Come for the ride, bring your tissue box, but it's good. It's all good," Chandra Wilson tells us of the finale. "There are sad things that will happen. There are fun things that will happen if you can believe that. I think the fun things will provide some relief from the sad things." Our hearts are not ready!

Joe Manganiello, Anna Paquin, True Blood

John P. Johnson/HBO

Suzylem: I know the new season of True Blood has not started yet, but any word on what is coming up?
"They just released the new trailer, and there's some crazy stuff," Joe Manganiello says. "The million-dollar question is always, 'Is Alcide going to hook up with Sookie?'" So, you know, is he? Joe would only give a big smile. Translation: Duh. And yes, Joe is totally down with Alcide becoming a dad if that's how the HBO hit decides to handle Anna Paquin's real-life pregnancy. "I will say that I'm the only character on the show that can get her pregnant, so if they have to with it, there's kind of only one way you can go!"

Kristen: I can't believe Lily chose Bart over Rufus in the G.G. finale! That's not going to stick is it?!
There's a new Bass vs. Humphrey love triangle taking over the UES, y'all! "That's something that's exciting for season six is to see how that's going to shape up," Stephanie Savage teases of the Rufus-Lily-Bart triangle. She acknowledges that Rufus and Lily have been stable up until recently, when certain aspects of Lily's personality started "to solidify in a way that has made Rufus uncomfortable and question what that relationship is really about." It seems like both Bass men may win their respective love triangles!

Georgia: I'll take anything you've got on the season finale of Scandal! I'm obsessed!
Olivia will be dealing with multiple crises, including Billy's attempts to get Fitz out of office (and he makes some pretty shocking moves—hello, telling the world about his affair with Amanda via press conference!—to make that happen) and a major crisis within her own team. Turns out one of our beloved "gladiators in suits" has a pretty big secret.

Jake in Miami: What can we expect from 30 Rock's final season?!
If it's up to Elizabeth Banks, Alec Baldwin's onscreen paramour, Jack might be experiencing a career change. "I hope he's running the company, but I really doubt it," she tells us of Jack's future. "Something tells me he's retiring to Italy or something. He'll be the mayor of New York!" As for how she feels about the final season? "All good things come to an end!"

Teen Wolf


Stacy: I need some Pretty Little Liars scoop to hold me over until it returns in June. What do you have for me?!
The ABC Family hit is bringing in two new, potentially recurring, characters midway through season three, including CeCe, a beautiful stylist who works at a vintage boutique, and the quietly intimidating Kenneth. Bonus scoop: Episode seven is titled "Crazy."

Reilly: Really loved the new Teen Wolf trailer, but there was barely any Stiles! What's coming up in season two for my favorite character?
Fan of Stiles' nonstop sarcasm? Well, he's about to get a little more serious. Don't worry, Dylan O'Brien says, "He's still Stiles, just with everything going on, everything gets so much bigger and there's so many more people and so many more problems. He's just got to be a little more serious." Dylan also tells us Stiles' storylines will be "more dramatic" in the new season.

—Additional reporting by Tierney Bricker

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