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We know, we know, Kristen Stewart smiled this week. As much as we'd love to focus on that and give our Snow White and the Huntsman star the praise she deserves—see honey? We told you that your face wouldn't crack!—well, we can't.

Because there's a giant spider on the loose in London and it's wrapping up entire starlets in not one, but two shades of cocoon silk! Predatory insects the size of buses are definitely bigger news than K.Stew sort of grinning at the British premiere of her new fairy-tale movie. Sorry.

The good news? While a spider may be devouring Robert Pattinson's gal, the rest of her look is terrific! The makeup—minimal, yet smoky—looks great...

The usually sullen child does appear to be wearing underwear, too—hooray!—plus, the black Jimmy Choo pumps go with everything and the stacked Kara Ackerman rings add a nice touch.

Also? The spider apparently hasn't eaten our A-list vampire girl yet. There's still time to rescue this 22-year-old starlet from having the life juices sucked out of her. As for the name of the offending insect, we understand it goes by the designer label of Marchesa.

The bugs are getting awfully uppity over there in England.

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