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Here's some news that's pretty fergalicious.

Despite the fact that "R.I.P. Fergie" became a hot trending topic on Twitter yesterday, we're happy to report the Black Eyed Peas singer is alive and well.

So what caused fans to go into a brief panic over rumors that Fergie had met her maker?

No, it wasn't the now all-too-common death hoax.

Carlos Tevez


Rather, the speculation started after Manchester City soccer player Carlos Tevez waved a sign aimed at Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson during a victory parade celebrating Manchester City's Premier League title.

Tevez's actions eventually caused "R.I.P. Fergie" to trend. Unfortunately, many didn't make the connection between the topic and its intended subject and assumed it was referring to the songstress instead.

So, once again, Fergie is not dead. Neither one of them.

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