Lady Gaga Banned in Indonesia Following Islamic Protests

Pop superstar denied permit for upcoming June 3 show after public outrcry slamming her for her racy persona and getups

By Alexis L. Loinaz May 15, 2012 1:57 PMTags
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Indonesia's Little Monsters won't get the chance to party with their Mama Monster.

Lady Gaga, who is scheduled to perform in Jakarta next month, has been banned in the predominantly Muslim nation following vehement opposition from Islamic critics who've ripped the pop superstar for her risqué persona and racy getups.

A spokesman for the Indonesian national police has confirmed that the star has been denied a permit for her June 3 show, which would have been the biggest stop on her recently launched Asian tour and would have played at the massive, 52,000-seat Gelora Bung Karno stadium in Jakarta.

The "Born This Way" singer has come under fire by conservative groups like the Islamic Defenders Front, whose fiery public protests have trashed the pop superstar for her "Satanic lyrics" that threaten to "destroy the children's sense of morality.'

Others have vowed to physically block the singer from setting foot on Indonesian soil.

Local law enforcement has reportedly requested that the show's permit be denied after fearing that officers wouldn't able to contain a massive on-site protest that could endanger public safety.

The singer's Asian tour kicked off in late April but she's already racked up her fair share of controversy along the way. Her South Korea show was marred by protests from Christian groups decrying that her "pornographic" performances promoted homosexuality.